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Breastfeeding is one of the most pleasurable experiences, not only because of the direct contact between mother and child, but because of the connection between the two, which is extremely important for avoid infectious diseases, respiratory, gastrointestinal, dermatitis, because it strengthens your immune system and gives the nutrients your body requires for its proper development and alimentation.

It should be mentioned that breast milk should be given as long as possible, since it covers one third of the daily caloric and protein needs of small , it is through it that the child receives greater defenses.

Also, brings benefits to the mother as it helps in optimal recovery after delivery , when the baby breast of the mother breast, oxytocin and endorphins are developed, these hormones produce well-being by accelerating the process of the uterus so that it returns to its normal size, called this process as uterine involution, becoming an effective therapeutic process. < / p>

Mother's milk covers all hunger and thirst needs and makes the baby feel more confident in the mother's positive response When he asks for a breast, lactation is a means not only to satisfy physical areas, but also covers all the emotional needs of the child.

The world health organization and the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, advises breastfeeding exclusively within the first six months of life, to then gradually supplement with appropriate foods according to age and from there, continue with breastfeeding until two years, this only if the child wants to continue breastfeeding.

The milk production of the mother is according to the needs of the baby , if the child consumes much, likewise the mother will produce milk, if he drinks little the mother will produce little.

Although it is not possible to define exactly how long to stop lactating because this procedure must be more an evaluative act of the mother, she must recognize the exact moment when the child do not need more than breast milk or where the baby shows that he is no longer interested in taking more.

Similarly weaning should be done gradually, should be removed, not negating the chest or conditioning the child , because if It can forcefully affect the small, making the baby want to cling somehow to his mother to feel safe and fill the gap left by breastfeeding.

In this change should be offered means to cover the emotional needs of the child, breastfeeding for being such a close link, should be redirected in a relevant way, at the right time and in a gradual manner, this will guarantee that the emotions of the child will not be affected by this process.

If you want to wean to baby it is best to consult the pediatrician so that according to the child's process, the following Recommended steps for better results. ...

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