These general conditions of sale (hereinafter, the "General Conditions") will apply to any purchase made by an Internet user / individual (hereinafter, the "CLIENT") on the website (hereinafter referred to as "WEBSITE") to
Janabebé S.L,
Sociedad Limitada,
registered in the Barcelona business register,
with the numer B-66620683,
with registered office at C/Balmes, 441, local 2
and with NIF number ESB66620683,
Spanish phone number: 937505274,
email:, (from now on, the “SELLER”).

Any order placed on the WEBSITE necessarily implies the acceptance without reservations by the CLIENT of these general conditions.

Artcle 1.     Definitions

The terms used below have, in these General Conditions, the following meaning:
  • « CLIENT » : refers to the co-contractor of the SELLER, which guarantees having the quality of consumer as defined by law and Spanish jurisprudence. For these purposes, it is expressly provided that the CUSTOMER acts outside any usual or commercial activity. As such, it is expressly provided that this CUSTOMER acts outside any usual or commercial activity.
  • « DELIVERY » : refers to the first delivery of the PRODUCTS ordered by the CLIENT to the delivery address indicated in the order.
  • « PRODUCTS » : refers to the set of products available on the WEBSITE.
  • « TERRITORY » : refers to SPAIN.

Artículo 2.     Object

These General Conditions regulate the sale by the SELLER to its CLIENTS of the PRODUCTS.

The CLIENT is clearly informed and recognizes that the WEBSITE is addressed to consumers and that professionals should contact the SELLER's commercial service in order to benefit from specific contractual conditions..

If the CLIENT does not accept these terms and conditions, please refrain from continuing to use our WEBSITE.

Artícle 3.     Acceptance of the general conditions

The CLIENT commits to read carefully these General Conditions and accepts them, before proceeding to the payment of the order of the PRODUCTS made on the WEBSITE.

These General Conditions are inserted in the lower part of each page of the WEBSITE through a link and must be consulted before being able to place the order. The CUSTOMER is invited to read carefully, download and print the General Conditions and to keep a copy.

The SELLER advises the CUSTOMER to read the General Conditions at the time of making a new order, the latest version of which is applicable to each one of them.

Clicking on the first button to place the order and on the second to confirm it, the CLIENT acknowledges having read, understood and accepted the General Conditions without limitations or conditions.

Article 4.     Purchase products on the WEBSITE.

In order to purchase any PRODUCT, the CLIENT must be over 18 years of age and have sufficient legal capacity or, if minor, be able to justify the permission of their legal representatives. The CLIENT is invited to provide the necessary information to identify it, completing the form available on the WEBSITE. The sign (*) indicates the mandatory fields that must be filled in so that the CUSTOMER's order is processed by the SELLER. The CLIENT can verify on the WEBSITE the status of your order. The follow-up of the DELIVERY, can, in its case, be carried out or online by certain carriers. The CLIENT can also contact the commercial service of the SELLER at any time by email, using the supervision tools address, in order to obtain information on the status of your order.

The information that the CLIENT provides to the SELLER at the time of placing the order must be complete, accurate and updated. The SELLER reserves the right to request the CUSTOMER to confirm, by any appropriate means, their identity, their eligibility and the information communicated.

Article 5.     Orders

Any order for our products can be made online through our website

The order process is carried out in the following steps (it is very easy you just have to follow the instructions indicated in each step):

Store -> Click on the product -> Add to Cart -> You can keep adding the products you need -> Go to (show shopping cart) -> Click on next -> Register or if you prefer continue the purchase without registering-> Delivery data-> Delivery method -> Form of payment -> Confirm order-> Pay-> Finish the purchase

Once the purchase process is completed successfully, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the reference number that identifies your order and the summary of the purchase. Please, check it and keep it as receipt of what you are buying, for future communications.

         Article 5.1 Characteristics of the PRODUCTS

The SELLER will endeavor to present as clearly as possible the main characteristics of the PRODUCTS (on the information files available on the WEBSITE) and the mandatory information that the CUSTOMER must receive under the applicable law.

The CLIENT commits to read this information carefully before placing an order on the WEBSITE.

The SELLER reserves the right to modify the selection of PRODUCTS available on the WEBSITE, especially depending on the problems it has in relation to its suppliers.

Unless otherwise indicated on the WEBSITE, all PRODUCTS sold by the SELLER are new and in accordance with current European legislation and applicable regulations in Spain.

         Article 5.2. Order procedure

PRODUCT orders are made directly on the WEBSITE. To place an order, the CLIENT must follow the steps described below (however, depending on the browser used by the Customer, these may vary slightly).

                  5.2.1. Selection of PRODUCTS and purchase options.

The CLIENT must select the PRODUCT (s) of his choice, by clicking on the chosen PRODUCT (s) and choosing the desired characteristics and quantities. Once the PRODUCT has been selected, the PRODUCT will be stored in the CLIENT's shopping basket. The latter may then add as many additional PRODUCTS as you wish.

                  5.2.2. Orders

Once the PRODUCTS have been selected and stored in your basket, the CLIENT must click on the basket and verify that the content of your order is correct. If the CLIENT has not done so yet, he will be invited to identify himself or to register.

Once the CUSTOMER has validated the content of the basket and has been identified / registered, an automatically completed online form will appear and recapitulate the price, applicable fees and, where applicable, delivery costs.

The CUSTOMER is invited to verify the content of their order (including the quantity, characteristics and references of the PRODUCTS requested, the billing address, the means of payment and the price) before validating their content.

The CLIENT can then proceed to pay for the PRODUCTS following the instructions provided on the WEBSITE and provide all the necessary information for billing and DELIVERY of the PRODUCTS. Regarding the PRODUCTS with different available options, their specific references appear when the correct options have been selected. Orders placed must include all the information necessary for the proper treatment of the order.

The CLIENT must also select the chosen delivery mode.

                  5.2.3. Acknowledgment of receipt

Once all the steps described above have been completed, one will appear on the WEBSITE in order to show acknowledgment of the CLIENT's order. A copy of the acknowledgment of receipt of the order will be automatically addressed to the CUSTOMER by email, provided that the email address communicated in the form is correct.

The SELLER will not send any confirmation of order by postal or telematic mail.

                  5.2.4. Billing

Through the order, the CUSTOMER must provide the necessary information for billing (the sign (*) will indicate the mandatory fields that must be filled in so that the CUSTOMER's order is treated by the SELLER).

The CLIENT must also clearly indicate all the information related to the ORDER, in particular the exact address of the DELIVERY, as well as any possible access code to the DELIVERY address.

Neither the order receipt that the CUSTOMER has made online, nor the acknowledgment of receipt of the order that the SELLER sends to the CUSTOMER by e-mail constitute an invoice. Whatever the order or payment method used, the CUSTOMER will receive the original of the invoice at the time of DELIVERY of the PRODUCTS, inside the package.

         5.3. Order date

The date of the order is the date on which the SELLER accuses the online reception of the same. The terms indicated on the WEBSITE do not begin to count until that date.

         5.4. Price

For all PRODUCTS, the CLIENT will find on the WEBSITE the prices indicated in euros, including taxes, as well as the applicable delivery costs (depending on the weight of the package, without packaging and gifts, the DELIVERY address and the carrier or mode of chosen transport).

Prices include in particular the value-added tax (VAT) with the applicable rate on the date of the order. Any modification of the rate may be passed on to the PRODUCTS from the date of entry into force of the same.

The applicable VAT rate will be expressed as a percentage of the value of the PRODUCT sold.

The prices of the SELLER's suppliers are subject to change. Consequently, the price indicated on the WEBSITE may change. These can also be modified in the case of special offers or sales.

The applicable prices will be those indicated on the WEBSITE at the date of placing the order by the CLIENT.
For orders outside the European Union, Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and Andorra, all fees and associated taxes are borne by the buyer in accordance with current legal provisions. In this shipment the invoice amount in euros will be taken as declared value for customs purposes. The amount of customs taxes varies in each country and must be paid in cash upon receipt of the shipment. Shipments to countries outside the European Union, Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and Andorra will be invoiced without VAT. 

         5.5 Availability of PRODUCTS.

The SELLER will apply "just in time" stock management. Consequently, depending on the case, the availability of PRODUCTS will depend on their existence in the SELLER's stocks.

The SELLER agrees to fulfill the orders received with the reservation that the PRODUCTS are available.

The unavailability of a PRODUCT will appear in principle indicated on the page of the PRODUCT in question. CLIENTS may also be informed of the replacement of the PRODUCT by the SELLER.

In any case, if the unavailability has not been indicated at the time of the order, the SELLER undertakes to inform the CLIENT without delay, if the PRODUCT is unavailable.

The SELLER can, at the request of the CLIENT:

Send all the PRODUCTS together, from the moment in which the non-stocked PRODUCTS are again available.

Proceed to a partial delivery of the PRODUCTS available at that moment, and send the rest of the order when the others are, with express mention relative to the additional transport expenses that could be derived.

Propose an alternative PRODUCT of equivalent quality and price, accepted by the CLIENT.

If the CUSTOMER decides to cancel his order of unavailable PRODUCTS, he will obtain the reimbursement of all the sums disbursed by said PRODUCTS in thirty (30) days after his payment.

Article 6.     Withdrawal right

The modalities of the right of withdrawal are foreseen in the "withdrawal policy", available in the Appendix 1 to these General Conditions and accessible below each page of the WEBSITE via hyperlink.

Article 7.     Payment

Orders will be sent after receiving and identifying the payment.Redys -Targeta de Crédito, Debit: VISA, MASTERD CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS

  • Wire transfer.

In the confirmation e-mail, you will find all the useful information and data to make the payment.

         7.1. Payment methods

The CLIENT can pay for his PRODUCTS online on the WEBSITE following the means proposed by the SELLER.

The CUSTOMER guarantees to the SELLER that it has all the required authorizations for the means of payment chosen.

The SELLER will take all necessary measures to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data transmitted online in the online payment table on the WEBSITE.

It is specified that all the information related to the payment made is transmitted to the bank of the WEBSITE and are not treated in the WEBSITE.

         7.2. Date of payment

In case of a single payment by credit card, the CLIENT's account will be debited at the time of the order of the PRODUCTS on the WEBSITE.

In case of partial DELIVERY, the total amount will be debited from the CLIENT's account without delays at the moment in which the first package is sent. If the CUSTOMER decides to cancel his order of unavailable PRODUCTS, the refund will be made in accordance with the last paragraph of article 5.5 of these General Conditions.

         7.3. Delays or rejection of payment.

If the bank rejects the debit of a credit card or other means of payment, the CLIENT must contact the Customer Service of the SELLER in order to pay for the order by any other valid means of payment.

In the event that, for whatever reason, opposition, rejection or other, the transmission of the flow of money due by the CLIENT was impossible, the order will be canceled and the sale automatically rescinded.

Article 8.     Test and file.

Any contract concluded by the CUSTOMER corresponding to an order exceeding € 120 (including taxes) will be filed by the SELLER for a period of 5 years.

The SELLER accepts to archive the information in order to ensure a follow-up of the operations and to make a copy of the contract at the request of the CLIENT..

In case of litigation, the SELLER will have the possibility to demonstrate that the electronic tracking system is reliable and guarantees the integrity of the transaction.

Article 9.    Transfer of property.

The SELLER remains the owner of the PRODUCTS delivered until the moment of full payment by the CLIENT.

The above provisions are not an obstacle to the transmission to the CLIENT, at the time of receipt by himself or by a third party designated by him other than the carrier, the risks of loss or damage to the PRODUCTS that are the subject of the reservation of property, as well as the risks of damage that may entail.

Article 10.     Delivery

The modalities of DELIVERY of the PRODUCTS are those foreseen in the "delivery policy" contemplated in the Appendix 2 of these General Conditions and accessible below each page of the WEBSITE via hyperlink.

Article 11.     Packaging

The PRODUCTS will be packed in accordance with the transport regulations in force, in order to guarantee a maximum of protection during DELIVERY. The CLIENTS undertake to respect the same rules when returning the PRODUCTS in accordance with the conditions set out in Annex 1 - Cancellation Policy.

Article 12.     Guarantee.

         12.1. Compliance guarantee.
The SELLER is obliged to deliver a conforming PRODUCT, that is, its own to the expected use consisting of a similar good, corresponding to the description provided on the WEBSITE. This conformity also assumes that the PRODUCT presents the qualities that a buyer can legitimately expect with respect to public statements made by the SELLER, including promotion and labeling.

In this framework, the SELLER is liable to respond to the defects of conformity existing at the time of delivery and the lack of conformity resulting from the packaging, the assembly instructions or the installation when it is put in charge or has been carried out under your responsibility.

The action arising from lack of conformity prescribes two (2) years from the delivery of the PRODUCT.

In case of lack of conformity, the CLIENT may request, at his / her option, the replacement or repair of the PRODUCT. In any case, in the event that the cost of the choice of the CLIENT is manifestly disproportionate with respect to another option, taking into account the value of the PRODUCT or the importance of the defect, the SELLER may proceed to the reimbursement, without addressing the chosen option for the client.

In the event that replacement or repair is impossible, the SELLER undertakes to refund the price of the PRODUCT after 30 days from the receipt of the returned PRODUCT and in exchange for the return of the PRODUCT by the CUSTOMER to the following address C/Balmes, 441, local 2.

The CLIENT is exempt from providing proof of the existence of a defect in the conformity of the PRODUCT during the six (6) months following the delivery of the goods.

It is specified that this legal guarantee of conformity is applied independently of the commercial guarantee consented, where appropriate, on the PRODUCTS.

         12.2. Guarantee for hidden defects

The SELLER undertakes to guarantee the hidden defects of the PRODUCT sold susceptible of turning it into defective for the use to which it should be destined, or that reduce it in such a way that the CUSTOMER has not acquired it or paid a lower price, if there is known.

This guarantee allows the CUSTOMER, who can prove the existence of a hidden defect, to choose between the refund of the price of the PRODUCT if it is returned or the reimbursement of part of the price if it is not restored.

In the event that replacement or repair were impossible, the SELLER undertakes to refund the price of the PRODUCT within a period of thirty (30) days after receipt of the returned PRODUCT and in exchange for the return of the PRODUCT by the CUSTOMER to the following address C/Balmes, 441, local 2.

The action resulting from hidden defects must be filed by the CLIENT within two (2) years from the discovery of the defect.

Article 13.     Responsibility.

The liability of the SELLER can not be established in any case in case of non-execution or poor performance of contractual obligations attributable to the CLIENT, when it comes to carry out your order.

The SELLER can not be responsible, or considered as a breach of the General Conditions, for any delay or non-execution, when the cause of the delay or non-execution is linked to a case of force majeure or a fortuitous event as defined by the jurisprudence of the Spanish Courts.

It is also necessary that the SELLER does not control the web pages that are directly or indirectly linked to the WEBSITE. Consequently, it is excluded, to the extent permitted by law, from any liability linked to the information published therein. Hyperlinks to these web pages are granted merely as an indication and do not imply any guarantee regarding their content.

Article 14.     Personal information

Data protection

Article 15.     Cookies policy

A cookie is a file that is downloaded to your computer when you access certain web pages. Cookies allow a web page, among other things, to store and retrieve information about the browsing habits of a user or their equipment and, depending on the information they contain and the way they use their equipment, they can be used to recognize to user.

This WEBSITE uses its own cookies and third-party cookies.

Specifically, third-party service providers with which we have contracted a service for which the use of cookies is necessary are:

Provider's namePurpose of the cookieDescription of the purpose of the cookieIf you want more information about the use of this third party's cookies

You can allow, block or delete the cookies installed on your computer by configuring the options of the browser installed on your computer, in case it does not allow the installation of cookies on your browser you may not be able to access any of the sections of our web.

Article 15.     Claims

The SELLER places at the CLIENT's disposal a "Telephone Customer Service" with the following number: 937505274 (normal rate telephone). All written complaints of the CLIENT must be transmitted to the following address: C/Balmes, 441, local 2,

Article 16.     Intellectual property

All visual and sound elements of the WEBSITE, including the underlying technology used, are protected by copyright, trademark rights or corresponding patents.

These elements are the exclusive property of the SELLER. Any person who publishes a web page and wishes to create a direct hyperlink to the WEBSITE must request authorization from the SELLER in writing.

This authorization of the SELLER will not be in any case definitively agreed. This hyperlink must be deleted at the request of the SELLER. Hyperlinks to the WEBSITE that use techniques such as framing or in-line linking are strictly prohibited.

Article 17.     Validity of the General Conditions

Any modification of the legislation or regulation in force, or any decision of the competent court invalidating one or more clauses of these General Conditions may not affect the validity of the rest of them..

Such modification or decision does not authorize the CLIENTS to ignore these General Conditions in any case.

All the conditions not expressly treated in the present will be regulated according to the uses of the retail sector of individuals.

Article 18.     Modifications of the General Conditions

These General Conditions apply to all purchases made online on the WEBSITE, provided that the WEBSITE is available.

The General Conditions will be accurately dated and may be modified and updated by the SELLER at all times. The applicable General Conditions will be those that are in force at the time of the order.

The modifications made in the General Conditions will not be applicable to the PRODUCTS already purchased.

Article 19.     Competence and applicable law



Likewise, prior to any recourse of arbitration or in courts, negotiation between the parties shall prevail in a spirit of loyalty and good faith in order to reach an amicable agreement to resolve any dispute relating to this contract, including regarding its validity.

The party wishing to start the negotiation process must inform the other party by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt indicating the elements of the conflict. If at the end of a period of fifteen (15) days, the parties can not be understood, the differences will be submitted to the jurisdiction established below.

During the negotiation process and until its completion, the parties are prohibited from exercising any legal action against each other for the conflict object of negotiation. As an exception, the parties will be authorized to resort to the jurisdiction of the precautionary measures or the start-up of a procedure does not entail by the parties the waiver of any clause of friendly agreement, unless expressly contrary will.


Withdrawal period

The withdrawal period expires (14) calendar days after the day in which CLIENT, or a third party that is not the carrier and designated by the CLIENT, takes possession of the PRODUCT.

In the event that the CLIENT has ordered several PRODUCTS in a single ORDER giving rise to several DELIVERIES (or in the case of an order of a single PRODUCT delivered in several lots), the withdrawal period will expire in (14) calendar days after the day in which the CLIENT, or a third party that is not the carrier and designated by the client, takes possession of the last PRODUCT delivered.

If the CLIENT's order carries several PRODUCTS and these PRODUCTS are delivered separately, the withdrawal period will expire (14) calendar days after the day on which the CLIENT, or a third party that is not the carrier and designated by the client, take possession of the last PRODUCT delivered.

Notification of the right of withdrawal.

In order to exercise their right of withdrawal, the CUSTOMER must notify his decision to withdraw by means of a statement made unequivocally (for example, by letter sent by mail, fax or email) to: Sociedad Janabebé S.L. C/Balmes, 441, local 2, or telephone 937505274

For this purpose, you can also use the following form :

At the attention of [*] (* coordinates of the SELLER)

SELLER's phone number :
SELLER's fax number :
E-mail address of the SELLER :

I hereby notify you of my withdrawal from the contract concerning the sale of the following PRODUCT :

PRODUCT reference :
No. of the invoice :
No. of the order certificate :
- Order on [____________]/Received the [________________]
- Payment method used :
- Name of the CLIENT and, if applicable, the beneficiary of the order :
- Address of the CLIENT :
- Delivery address :
- Signature of the CLIENT (except in case of transmission by mail)
- Date

For the right of withdrawal to be respected, the CUSTOMER must transmit his communication regarding the exercise of the right of withdrawal before the expiration of the term.

Effects of withdrawal

In case of withdrawal by the CUSTOMER, the customer agrees to assume the return costs, at the latest in the following (14) calendar days after the day on which the SELLER was informed of the will of the CUSTOMER to desist.

The SELLER will proceed to the reimbursement using the same means of payment as the one used for the initial transmission, unless the CUSTOMER expressly agrees to a different means, in any case.

The SELLER may defer the reimbursement until the reception of the property or until the CUSTOMER shows proof of having issued the property, the date retained will be the first of these two.

Return methods

The CLIENT shall, without undue delay and, in any case, no later than (14) days after communicating his decision to withdraw from this contract, forward the property to: C/Balmes, 441, local 2, 08022, Barcelona. Janabebe S.L.

This term is understood respected if the CLIENT sends the PRODUCT before the expiration of the (3) days.

Devolution costs

The Customer will be responsible for the direct costs of reshipping
Return products purchased with offer or promotion and free shipping
When the return is partial, you will lose the discount applied for the sum of the products purchased and the corresponding discount will be applied to the unit not returned, if applicable.
Free shipping costs correspond to purchases over 60 euros, if the amount does not exceed this amount when the return is made, the shipping costs will be deducted from the amount to be returned.
Shipping costs are not returned on the reimbursement of a pledge for return

Status of the returned property

The CLIENT's liability does not apply except for the depreciation of the property resulting from other manipulations than those derived from the normal use of the PRODUCT. In other words, the CUSTOMER has the possibility to test the PRODUCT but can not oppose its liability if it comes from manipulations other than the ordinary ones in the use of the same.


Exclusion of the right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal is excluded in the following cases:
  • Supply of goods or services whose price depends on fluctuations in the financial market.
  • Supply of goods made according to customer specifications or clearly customized.
  • Supply of good susceptible to deteriorate or expire quickly.
  • Provision of audio or video recordings or stamped programs that have been unsealed after delivery.
  • Supply of alcoholic beverages whose price has been agreed at the time of conclusion of the sales contract, whose delivery can only be made after 30 days and whose value depends on the market fluctuation and outside the influence made by the SELLER.



Delivery area makes its deliveries in Spain and also International*.

In peninsular Spain and Europe we deliver according to the method contracted by the customer during the purchase process. 

We do not ship to the Canary Islands.

Delivery time

The delivery term corresponds to the business days that have elapsed since the completion of the order until the customer receives the same.

Delivery times except force majeure (due to causes beyond our competence) are in Spain: 2 to 3 working days in the case of mail and in the case of urgent deliveries 24-48 hours, are two working days if there are no problems with the address provided. 

The delivery period in Europe, depends a lot on the country of destination, in the UK, Switzerland, Norway, Germany, Italy and Portugal it takes between 5 and 10 days maximum. In theRest of the World may vary by country and within country by destinations, but from our experience in Argentina, Mexico, Chile and USA it takes between 7 and 10 days. 

The deadline to prepare an order and establish the invoice, before sending the PRODUCTS in stock is mentioned on the WEBSITE. These terms will be understood without counting weekends and holidays.

An email will be automatically sent to the CLIENT at the time of sending the PRODUCTS, provided that the email address given at the time of sending the form is correct.

Term and delivery costs

During the order process, the SELLER will indicate to the CUSTOMER the possible delivery terms and formulas for the PRODUCTS purchased..

Shipping costs will be calculated according to the delivery mode.

The amount of these costs will be due to the CUSTOMER in payment different from the purchased PRODUCTS.

The details of the deadlines and delivery costs will be detailed on the WEBSITE.

DELIVERY modalities

The package will be delivered to the CLIENT after his signature and presentation of his identity document.

In case of absence, notice will be given to the CUSTOMER, so that this way you can pick up the PRODUCT at the nearest post office.

DELIVERY problems

The CLIENT will be informed of the delivery date set at the time of the carrier's choice, at the end of the online ordering procedure, before confirming the order.

It is specified that deliveries will be made at the most before thirty (30) days. In the absence of delivery, the CUSTOMER must require the SELLER to deliver it within a reasonable time and if he can not rescind the contract.

The SELLER will reimburse, without excessive delay, from the date of receipt of the rescission letter, the CLIENT the total amount paid for the PRODUCTS, taxes and delivery costs inclusive, by the same means of payment used by the CLIENT for the purchase of the PRODUCTS.

The SELLER will be responsible for the delivery of the PRODUCT to the CLIENT. It is important to remember that the CLIENT has a period of three (3) days to notify the carrier of the breakdowns or partial losses verified by the delivery.

INCORRECT ADDRESSESWhat happens in this case?

If the delivery address is not correctly completed by the customer, the orders sent by post are automatically returned and is NOT responsible for the time that this return can last and the cost of the second shipment. Correos usually takes 2 to 5 weeks in Spain to make the returns and quite more in the rest of the countries, the returns follow an extremely slow process. Please check that your delivery address is as complete and accurate as possible. The last name that appears must be the same as the one that appears in your stamp / mailbox. If it is not a private address, use the "company" field to indicate the name of the store, office, or place where you want to receive the delivery. 

In the case of choosing express delivery, we STRONGLY PLEASE put the address where you will receive the order, because if talking to the carrier changes that address to us we assume an additional cost of transport that we are not passing on. 


Many times the postmen do not leave the notice correctly, or the client does not know that a notice received is from Janabebe, so he lets the time pass without claiming the package. Do not let more than 8 days pass from our notification of sending by e-mail without claiming the order. CORREOS returns them to the 15 days and many times they do not leave notification of notice. Make sure that the e-mail that you have given us is correct, in order to receive the shipping notification without problems. 

By confirming these TERMS OF PURCHASE the customer agrees to pay second freight in cases of returns for incomplete addresses, not completed by the same and for shipments not claimed in time. can not be held responsible if it can not send the requested order due to circumstances beyond its control, including DELAYS by our suppliers, fires, floods, strikes, electrical problems, etc. 



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