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Carrycot bag, made of soft and hypoallergenic material, protects your baby from cold and wind. Elaborated by hand by Janabebé. Made in Spain. We comply with all quality standards for children's textiles.
Breastfeeding Cushion janabebe Breastfeeding Cushion janabebe
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Breastfeeding cushion in cotton, ergonomic, soft, anti-allergic. Breastfeeding cushion, ergonomic, soft, anti-allergic, made in cotton with cover to wash. Comfortable and soft ideal to relieve the weight of the back...
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Sure you never thought you could worry as much about someone as when your little one came home. You can not stop looking at it all the time, thinking about what you can buy for your comfort and well-being and how to make it so that it does not go through the heat in summer or cold in winter.

Now he accompanies you everywhere, is your new travel companion and you want these to be as pleasant as possible, regardless of whether they are driving or walking. One of the most versatile items you can find to take your baby wherever you go or to have it near you at home are the carry-cot, which has a handle that makes it very easy to transport and carry wherever you want.

Your little one could spend a lot of time in one of them as long as it is comfortable, warm and comfortable. How to achieve this? Well, with the bags for the carrycot we have in Janabebé. You already know that our products are always manufactured by hand in Spain with the best quality materials to take care of your baby's health and comfort. If you love to look at your little one while you sleep, you will have many opportunities to do so thanks to the carrycot sheath you choose, because it will make you feel at ease and you will have a smile of satisfaction that you can not miss.

If you enter our online store you will find different models with colors for all tastes and designs very fashionable but that will provide your baby with the peace you need and peace you need to feel relaxed.

The mat for the carrycot is also something that you should keep in mind as your baby will rest on it. We also have some in our online showcase that will be combined with the carrycot bags you choose. Think no more! No one better than Janabebé to dress your baby's carrycot and take care of your well-being and comfort. Do you already know which one to choose?



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