Why does your baby vomit after eating?

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 First, do not be alarmed. Vomiting is common in all infants and usually occurs after milk intake or gas expulsion.

This is what pediatricians call regurgitation, which is when babies throw small amounts of milk out of their mouths.
There are different types of vomiting: one of them (and the most common) is the gastroesophageal reflux that occurs in the first months when the valve that connects the esophagus with the stomach still does not close properly, which causes the child can not control reflux and expel milk from your mouth.
This does not require consulting the doctor since it is something natural. This will disappear as the baby grows, his esophageal sphincter matures and acquires muscle tone.
To help the little one a little, it is important to have food in small quantities and, in each feeding, to take a break to give him time to process the food. In the evenings or at the time of the nap, the pillow can be lifted a little to avoid that it gets stuck with the vomit.
Other causes of vomiting are infections such as gastroenteritis, with vomiting being a determining symptom and, generally, accompanied by fever and decreased appetite. In this case the term of regurgitations would no longer be named, since in this case it is no longer natural, but comes from a virus and must be treated medically.
The vomiting or regurgitation does not cause pain or any type of discomfort, as we have already said, it is a natural thing, but in case of seeing signs of dehydration, dry mouth and no tears when crying, it is better to go immediately to the doctor.
Allergies that appear because of intolerance to artificial milk, is also a cause of vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain. The pediatricians in these cases can suggest a change of milk that suits the baby.
If the vomit of the baby is little and does not show any symptoms, it is because he possibly ingested a lot of milk or ate very fast, these regurgitations are white, and look like decomposed milk. When they are already vomiting due to infection or allergies, their color and appearance will change, this is also what can determine if a medical visit is necessary. Take this into account next time.

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