When sitting the baby in the high chair

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The highchair is a tool that contributes with many benefits in the teaching of eating habits, since the discipline and the management of schedules foster an adequate process in the diet in an autonomous way, which will give them greater independence, giving them the opportunity to explore the textures of food, bringing great satisfaction at mealtime.

To carry out this process, it must be started at the moment when the babies can sit alone and without any help, when their head can hold and their body does not deviate to the side, if they sit too soon, they will adopt bad postures and that your muscles will not yet be ready to sit for long periods of time, much less stand on their own, based on this the average age to sit, is about eight or nine months.

The high chair is essential to generate habits in children, but it is also a means where they can be encouraged to join family meetings, leading the child to recognize the importance of their presence in the family, fundamental aspects that motivate the acquisition of a highchair at home.

The highchair must have fundamental characteristics that allow children to be comfortable and make the time there enjoyable and pleasant.

It is better to have a padded seat for comfort, with a very good back to encourage a proper posture and also get used to sitting upright and stable.

Although there are reclining high chairs, it is better that babies are always in a straight position so they do not have problems of digestion or assimilation of food.

The right way to seat them in the highchair is for the chair to be the size of the dining table where their parents eat, for the children to be straight, with a five-point harness that starts in the middle of the leg and fits at the waist so that so be more sure, try not to be too tight so that it does not affect digestion while eating.

The legs should be flexed at an angle of 90 °, if it is possible to accommodate the feet to the size of the babies as this will allow them to have greater stability while sitting.

At the same time, make sure that the tray is at the level of the elbows so that the cervical musculature is not affected and your arms are adequately supported.

It is recommended that the highchair that is acquired can be adjusted as the children grow up so that it lasts and does not have to be replaced in a short time.

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