What to do with constipation in newborns?

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Constipation can be defined as a pathological alteration, which prevents the frequency of bowel movements and causes them to be performed with effort and pain. This happens because in the first months of life they have not yet managed to control the anal sphincter, in addition that their intestines have not matured enough. In the same way, it should be kept in mind that not always when the baby stops making stools, it means that there is a problem or that she suffers from constipation.

From 0 to 3 months of life, you can perform your bowel movements several times a day or only once, after 3 months you can increase, being much more frequent, some babies can defecate after each take.
It is necessary to know the intestinal processes of the baby and also observe daily how it assimilates the milk that is given to consume.
If the baby consumes artificial milk, it can present some drawbacks in its assimilation, causing the bowel movement to decrease and the bowel movements to have a thick greenish color.

What can I do at home when symptoms occur?
- In these cases the porting is a very good option, since being in an upright position will help relieve colic, it is recommended that the legs are slightly flexed, so that the anus relaxes and can expel the gases easily, helping also to defecation.
- Giving some gentle massages in small circles from the navel and then going through the entire stomach in the direction of the clock hands will be an effective way to relieve pain and relax it.
- A warm water bath can also help to relax the baby, it can be accompanied by massages in the stomach and exercises where you gently collect and stretch your legs continuously for a few seconds.
If after several days you cannot defecate and you have the aforementioned symptoms, it is better to consult with the pediatrician for proper treatment and to determine what may be the cause of the delay in defecation and if there is a need for suppositories.

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