What to do if my boy lost a teeth

Posted on01/24/2020 4370

Children are very restless and in their exploration process it is very normal for frequent falls that may affect or injure babies, milk teeth are usually the most affected by a sporadic blow, which many ask Parents is what should be done in this situation, in this post we will explain the steps to follow.

The teeth of milk when presenting an injury do not have any important repercussion, what more can affect are the gums and the dentition that will make definitive. For this reason it is necessary to know how to act in times of urgency.

There are different injuries that can affect and bring consequences such as a tooth fracture, also a subluxation that leaves the tooth slightly mobile, but still in place, it can cause bleeding in the gum and a lot of pain.
Dislocation, which is when the tooth falls, an avulsion that is characterized when the tooth comes out completely or has suffered a displacement and intrusion when the blow causes a sinking of the tooth into the gum
In these cases, you should always go to the dentist urgently at least within an hour, to determine the severity of the blow, know the diagnosis of the affected tooth and have the appropriate treatment.

It is important to ensure the completion of these steps and to be clear about the treatment to follow, you should ask for information about the complications that may occur and the symptoms that the child will present during the recovery process.
In the same way, you must have the precise information of the number of appointments in which you must attend to have a control in the improvement of the trauma, it is necessary to carry out a new radiography and photograph that allows to see the changes presented and the improvement before the treatment, this control usually must be performed once a month.
Surely the recommendations given by the dentist will be to maintain good hygiene of the child's mouth by frequent rinsing with saline. The use of pain relievers or antibiotics only if required, in the same way if there is injury, the application of antiseptics will be essential. The consistency of the food given must be soft and must not contain sugar or acid.

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