What is time out and when should it be implemented in children

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At what times do parents not face stressful situations with children? It is known that children are not always little angels: it is normal for them to have tantrums or be disobedient, yell, get angry, throw objects on the ground, etc. And, in these cases, a scolding or a yell is the most common. As parents you would not want to resort to this, but how to act against these bad behaviors?

According to experts, there are techniques that can be applied and that help parents avoid the wear and tear of scolding and physical punishment. One of these techniques is the famous "time out."
If the child throws things, throws tantrums, is not willful or refuses to pick up his things, he only has to be removed from the situation and the space in which the child has generated the conflict: without screaming or shaking, take him to a room or place where he can be alone and reflect on establishing a causal link between his bad behavior and retaliation.

The "time out" is considered a technique that allows children to meditate on their wrong or incorrect behaviors, fostering in them the capacity for self-analysis and emotional self-regulation.

Steps to time out

In order to perform this technique, it is necessary to follow the steps indicated below:

1. Choose a place: the selected place should be a quiet space that does not have possible distractions with which the child can spend time in a pleasant or entertaining way. It is best to sit him in a chair comfortable enough so that he can hold his composure and visible enough so that his parents can observe him without interrupting him.

2. Explain to the child the consequence of her misbehavior: it is important to talk to the child before leaving so that he knows what it is about. The reason and reason why he is there will be indicated to him and that he should spend that time reflecting and thinking about it.

3. Mention the expression “time out” to the child: it is necessary for the child to understand the process that they will have to endure whenever they engage in inappropriate behavior: whenever they act incorrectly, the expression “time out” will be announced to them and then they must sit down in the established chair. The expression should be said with a firm and forceful tone, but without yelling.

4. Perform the technique for the correct time: this process must be carried out under a certain time in minutes and in relation to the age of the child: for example, if the child is 2 years old, they must be isolated for two minutes, without allowing exceed the time nor, much less, let it rise before its completion. It is recommended to use an alarm that allows control of the elapsed time.

5. End of the period of time: once the time has expired, the end of the retaliation must be made to the child and, immediately afterwards, have a show of affection for him, ignoring and leaving out the inappropriate behavior that has led to the punishment , and that in this way you have the opportunity to reflect on it.

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