What is fine motor skills and how to stimulate it in children

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Fine motor skills is a very important issue in the development of the baby since it allows the smallest movements of the body to be carried out. It is located in the frontal lobe and in the pre-central area of ​​the brain. When the child is born, although he can move his fingers and hands, these movements are not yet controlled, but rather they are performed unconsciously.

Fine motor skills is the ratio of the motor skills of the fingers and hands, this focuses on the activities or tasks of object handling oriented to the coordinated manipulation of the same, which is refined as the baby grows.

It is developed with practice and with the implementation of educational games that generate greater dexterity with the use of the clamp, fingers and precision of the placement of objects, lace and coordination by hand.

Within the fine motor skills is the throwing, picking up, cutting out, fitting in, painting, releasing, writing, puncturing, playing musical instruments, squeezing, sewing. All this will be done according to age and the skill that is generated as they develop.

This area is essential to work from the first months with multiple objects that allow strengthening the muscles of the hand and visual monitoring for proper coordination, obtaining motor planning in the child that is based on anticipating, organizing and also performing the movement, counting on a physical stability that includes the trunk, elbows, wrists, hands and fingers, together with the integration of body movements before the visual fixation of the object you want to manipulate or the action you want to perform.

Allowing him to have contact with different textures, with different objects or elements is essential for the acquisition of new experiences, allowing them to feel, touch and manipulate with their hands without any restriction, will promote their sense of exploration, taking into account that they always You must have the respective precautions when handling objects, avoiding any risk.

There are many baby toys and activities designed for the development of this motor skills, it is important to consult the pediatrician about the appropriate games according to the age of each child, in order to be able to follow up on the teaching and stimulation processes.

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