Vision in Newborn

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The eyes provide information on shapes, colors and everything that is around, each response to movement is facilitated by sight that sharpens as the child grows, influencing learning and behavior.

The vision in newborn babies according to studies, is not that wide, it is only 20%. They can perceive flashes, reflections and set points of contrast only 20 or 30 cm away, just as far as the mother is when feeding them, and they can only observe in gray scale (black and white).

Stages of vision in babies:

-Babies when they are born, although their vision is poor, they have the ability to recognize the features of people's faces, the one they interpret the easiest is the mother's face and the one they most need to observe on a daily basis as a way to bond affectively . That is why it is worth noting that, when carrying them, they are constantly spoken to and caressed to strengthen that bond.

-At two or three months, the vision of babies develops, starting the coordination of their two eyes focusing much better what they see. The images that observe the two retinas, are joined in a single image in a three-dimensional way, starting the tracking of objects, this tracking happens as long as they move in a semi circle in front of them.

-The vision goes very hand in hand with motor development, according to what they are observing they will want to manipulate it too, at three months of age as they gain control of their hands and arms, when observing an object, their reaction immediate will be to hit or feel it.

-From 3 to 6 months of age, they begin to anticipate the trajectory of the object, so it does not seem strange that the baby gets excited when he feels you enter the room, it is precisely because he anticipates the movements and he knows you're going straight to him.

Month-to-month characteristics:

-Newborn up to 2 months: Vision is blurred and they do not identify colors, they only see in black and white.

-3 to 4 months: They distinguish not only the features of the faces but their entire shape, they also begin to see reddish tones.

-4 Months: They begin to identify different colors, such as green and red, they also begin to relate to the other primary colors.

-6 to 10 months: At the moment they start crawling, binocular vision develops, that is, they use both eyes at the same time, as they initiate a displacement, they start visual focus developing their peripheral vision that allows them to develop other skills to be able to function properly in the spaces where they are. In this stage they begin the process of developing hand-eye coordination, which is completed at 3 or 4 years of age.

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