Tips to educate your children from a sustainable point of view

Posted on06/15/2020 3562

If there is something that has shown us the confinement that we have experienced in recent months in the need to change our consumption habits to achieve a better world. Without a doubt, the streets of cities like Madrid or Barcelona without their characteristic beret of contamination have made us realize that we were leading some habits of life that were not healthy. Is that the future we want for our children? Not at all! Therefore, if we want the future to be good, we must first improve our present. And what better way to do it than starting to be sustainable right now?



# 1: How to discharge the light in a sustainable way?



One of the most important points about registering light is to do it in a sustainable way. And one of the best ways to do it is without a doubt thanks to the installation of photovoltaic panels, which could provide your home with 100% sustainable electricity. Also, if your home has a sufficient number of panels, it would not be necessary to connect it to the electrical network. However, if this is not the case, you can register the light for the first time to combine the grid with the energy generated by the electrical panels.



# 2: Can you be sustainable on the internet?



Our children love to connect to the network and if they do it safely and ecologically through your fiber optic or ADSL it can be a real alternative for their entertainment and learning. In fact, there are many tools on the internet such as the Ecosia search engine, which is well known because it uses its business benefits to plant trees. Its interface is very simple and safe, your children will love it and they will also be contributing to a greener world!



# 3: The recycling game



Teaching the importance of recycling to your little ones can be a fun experience if you turn this experience into a game. One of the easiest for parents to organize is to hold a competition to see who of all is able to collect most of the recyclables. The prize does not have to have a high cost: it can be your favorite dish, like a pizza, without forgetting that the packaging has to be recycled clearly. One way to encourage them even more can be, also, creating a panel in which every time something is recycled a sticker is added and who else accumulates will be the winner (always from the point of view of healthy competition, of course ).



# 4: Content that encourages recycling



One of the entertainments that children like the most is video games. Certainly, we know how important it is that children play a little on the street and that they do not have sedentary attitudes, but nothing happens because they play a little with the computer from time to time. Also, if the game is educational, so much the better! For example, one of the most recommended video games that encourage recycling, such as The Recycling Herores, about which you can find more information here.

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