Tips for back care for newborns

Posted on07/03/2020 6779

When children are born they present a unique fragility in their bones and tendons, they do not yet have enough strength to withstand sudden movements, much less to support their own weight. During childbirth they suffer a pressure in their spine of up to 40 kilos, which leads to greater care that allows them to have an adequate recovery and rest.

It must be clear how to raise babies, how to put them to bed or lift them from the crib, each movement must be adequate so as not to affect their back since the spine does not have enough maturity or resistance to support the weight of their body much less to hold his head, which requires an adequate grip process taking into account that each method must be changed according to the needs they present as they grow.

When should I be more careful?

-Removing them from the crib: When removing it from the crib, you should avoid pulling it by the wrists, rather you should place one hand on the nape that covers the shoulders and back and the other on the waist covering the middle back while you accommodate it in your arms Strong movements should be avoided as this can cause injury to your shoulders and spine.

-When going for a walk: To go for a walk they must be lying down horizontally or if you decide to walk with him baby raised, his head should be on the chest on the side, the postures are recommended to change not leave them for a long time in one instead as this causes the muscles to be unable to develop properly and the neck ligaments to be affected.

-When sleeping: The use of a good mattress is essential for a proper rest of the baby's back, if you are going to put a pillow that is not so high, but rather that allows the child to be as straight as possible.


-Physiotherapists recommend carrying as a method for the child's muscular work and proper spinal training, obviously the time there should be only for short times.

-The stimuli that can be performed will always be beneficial for the baby's back. From two to three months you can start with massages on the back by placing the baby on the chest upside down while gently massaging, also putting him on short periods on his stomach so that little by little he tries to hold his head, making that effort will strengthen the musculature nape and back.

-As the neck, abdominal and back muscles grow, they will be stronger, but the ideal is to have a lot of attention on the things that are used to carry or transport babies so that they are not going to hurt the spine.

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