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Stories are an extraordinary means to potentiate skills in children, in addition to being able to share a warm time at home with them, reading to them generates a set of skills that will be noticed in a very short time, in addition to having the possibility of instilling in them love for reading from a young age.

Reading can be started from pregnancy starting at 4 months, which is the time when babies begin to listen, reading is a means for the child to know the voice of their mother and father, in addition to stimulating language , their attention span and reasoning ability.
This good habit of reading, must be fostered throughout childhood, you will discover all the skills that reading develops in them. Here we will tell you some of them, to motivate you every day more, to read stories with your children.
-The reading of stories definitely stimulates the imagination, each writing is a stimulus that encourages fantasy and the creation of mental images that allow the appropriate association of the word image (mnemonics), it also directs the child to develop their creativity to the maximum.
-Potentializes critical thinking, since each story and plot helps children to reflect and be thinking, associating the theme consecutively. Helps and encourages conflict resolution, to get to know each other better and to assimilate the world around them.
-It is a good tool that can be used as a means for the child to learn to recognize their emotions, each character in the story transmits a different emotion, allowing them to know basic emotions as well as learn to manage them.
-Reading them constantly stimulates reading comprehension, acquiring study skills and understanding different topics, increasing the ability to conclude or give a textual summary of what you have read.

-Develop their vocabulary: it is proven that the children who read the most have a richer vocabulary, a much broader and more eloquent capacity for expression, better specifying and synthesizing words when speaking and therefore when writing.
-Potentializes memory: When the child listens to reading or when he is reading, the area of ​​the brain that files each word is activated, developing the ability to retain information and even memories of several stories at once, when rereading stories, memory is exercised until you have a clear idea of ​​the story. The memory capacity is increased so much that the child will always want to tell the stories after reading them.
Stories are a good method to instill values, teachings and morals that help the child to relate them in real life, giving him a message after each reading of good behavior, respect, tolerance or improvement, will make him remember these lessons, treasure them and Motivate yourself to apply them daily to your life.

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