Tickling as beneficial stimuli

Posted on06/05/2018 6707

Tickling can cause pleasant laughter and have a tender connection between parents and children, these being recognized as a mechanism of bond, social interaction and communication.

After a day full of stress, pediatricians suggest playing at tickling, helping adults to get rid of fatigue and worries, achieving a sense of well-being and family togetherness.

The many joys you give your children when playing not only causes fun but also promotes cognitive development by stimulating their senses and recognition of different parts of the body.

Tickling are beneficial stimuli that connect all the senses, allowing them to be more alert to what happens in the environment by raising the level of attention and reason, this tingling sensation connects with the nerve endings that make the immune system stronger. Within the movement caused by laughter, the muscles of the body are exercised, the inhaling and exhaling improves your breathing by strengthening your heart.

They will learn to develop communication skills, when they do not feel comfortable they can express in some way that they do not feel well or that it is not the time for this type of games, a perfect opportunity to express their feelings and emotions.

The intensity of tickling should be related to the age of the babies because if they are very small the sensitivity is greater and can cause discomfort, better start with gentle tickling in the cheeks, around the mouth and on the soles of the feet . After two years, the feet of the stomach and their armpits, will be the place where they will develop more sensitivity.

Tickling should never be forced, it should be a fun game and if at any time they reject tickling it is better to wait for the moment in which they want to do it.

Happy day!

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