The power of a hug

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The hugs are so powerful that they can produce in our baby a lot of hormones that are activated by having direct contact with us, oxytocin, better known as the love hormone, is released with close contact. According to studies when a baby is born, the vital signs improve and reduce the level of stress of the parents when they have skin-to-skin contact.
Hugs are usually the best comfort when a baby cries, physical contact regulates the alarm system of your body releasing hormones that reduce stress, this is why parents should reinforce the hugs as a habit and implement them as a way of express feelings while maintaining physical contact as they grow, when this link is maintained, according to studies, defiant behaviors in children diminish, making parenting more enjoyable and discipline comfortable and worthwhile.
The effect that hugs have is not only beneficial for children but also for parents, since through them our cortisol levels decrease, regulate blood pressure and reduce stress.
They also provide a sense of security in our children, they need to feel protected and that they are not alone, just like when your little one enters school for the first time, giving a hug before leaving and upon arrival, allows them to understand that at no time They are abandoned, but the time without their parents is only momentary.
Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is activated or segregated to affectionate physical contact, so hugs are a source of trust for children, which allow social fear to diminish.
According to studies, they reveal that they should give and receive at least 6 hugs a day, that yes, hugs with people we like, the hugs given to a baby and a newborn, are those of their parents, when they receive hugs from little people known only generate mistrust and can produce a negative effect, such as increased stress, restlessness and insecurity. On the contrary, if they are received from their parents, they will experience a sense of harmony throughout the day.

Hugs are the best way to communicate, talk, transmit our internal emotions, in addition to being a manifestation of love of human beings, when a baby is born they are breastfed through a hug, this contact is stored in the unconscious of the child, being related as a way to show affection and protection
We all need hugs when we are sad, happy, unconsciously we seek this medium as comfort hoping to feel better, so let us embrace more and let our affection and love for our children be transmitted and learned, so that they can also share with others that love and that affection through a good hug.

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