The importance of emotional intelligence in children

Posted on09/26/2018 1710

Emotional intelligence is the ability to manage emotions and assume the feelings of others, managing to recognize their own emotions, controlling the expression of behavior that gives the possibility of maintaining good social relationships surrounded by a positive lifestyle that is adapts to the environment to live satisfactorily. It is vital to develop emotional intelligence in children since they are babies as a fundamental basis for their future and for their learning.

Academic success and making the right decisions can be formed through daily training with stimuli that promote the well-being of the child, thus establishing emotional intelligence as part of their personality.

If it develops in them, it will promote a good self-esteem and inner strength to face conflicts or external problems that arise in life through self-control and the management of emotions.

The recognition of emotions begins after two years, so it is key that when the child is sad, happy or have a different mood, it is noted that feeling is presenting to learn to differentiate their feelings, offering them control guidelines for any situation and emotion reaction.

The assertive expression of emotions can be understood as the child is taught to control the reaction in the midst of any situation, to channel the emotions he experiences, teaching him to express them verbally, with pauses and times so that he can calm down at moments of euphoria or discomfort, count to ten, breathing deeply will be a mechanism that will repeatedly learn, intelligently controlling those things that can cause discomfort.

Knowing how to listen to what others say must be a constant stimulus at home since this will be the basis of everything, focusing your attention increasing your concentration, strengthening the dialogue between children of the same age understanding that your opinion is important within what is speaks.

If they try to introvert in moments, ask about a topic or about what is being shared, it will remove the restrictions that limit it, increasing their own criteria, developing the facility to express themselves freely.

An exit in time of stress or some physical activity, will be an effective way to release repressed emotions and release tension.

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