The famous stage of NO

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A rather complex stage for parents because sometimes it is often difficult to overcome the resistance that children put to the things they are told.

Why do they answer no to everything? Which is the reason?
At 15 months, babies enter a process of seeking independence within their interactions, without the father and mother separating from them (a quite contradictory behavior) It is usually manifested naturally according to the need of their brain to develop properly.

Some parents may associate this behavior as capricious or wanting to oppose it. The reality is that, in the midst of their social experiments, they want to provoke situations to satisfy their curiosity and see what happens. Within this development process, the child is forming his character and forging himself as a social and independent being, while still receiving that protection from his parents to feel safe and capable. At this age they often use "No" as a means to see if their parents agree to their requests.

A child's refusals, while annoying, arise because he begins to become aware of himself as an individual in all areas of his life. Furthermore, he has a need to oppose everything that is said to him. Part of the process is that your denial follows a natural course so that, over time, it disappears.

It should be borne in mind that when the child refuses to perform any action, it is not because he is challenging his parents, it is basically a way of seeking to position himself in his territory, achieve self-confidence and security of who he is and what he is. wants.

To cope with this stage and for the child to adequately overcome it, it is important to establish rules that lead to the acquisition of habits, achieving a balance before the child's decision-making power and the rules that must be followed.
First of all, you have to let him express his anger about something he doesn't like, explaining what is happening and why he reacts that way. Always teaching him that he needs to obey and that he must do what is asked of him.

The child should not be repressed to say "No", but should be taught to use it appropriately so that he assumes the fact that he cannot be given everything immediately, but that he understands what he wants and so that wants it. In this way, the child will feel understood and listened to, assimilating that there is authority at home and that there are rules that must be met, where their requests do not go above what their parents say.

Teaching him different ways to respond is key when he manifests an attack of rebellion, so that he learns another way to communicate and express what he needs. This procedure will help redirect your behavior.

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