The best toys by ages (6 months)

Posted on09/16/2019 4099

6-month-old baby toys should meet their learning needs, not forgetting that playing should be a fun and enjoyable time where parents are part of the fun and interaction. The most important thing is to spend quality time with the little ones and to learn with each game that is performed.
At this age it is important to acquire games that stimulate their senses because it is the vital area of ​​a child's perception and learning: what they feel, smell and observe are processes that remain in their memory and are related to each other, which gives a clearer concept of the functionalities of things and what makes them up, expanding their memory, concentration, perception and acquiring awareness of their body and what they assimilate in each experience.
There are many games for them, everything that has to do with textures or objects of different figures, books is also a means that allows the senses to work as long as they are allowed to manipulate them.
The games that stimulate the vision in the babies, are fundamental for the development of the baby and constant stimulation in this area, for it. The toys that have movement are great: cars, moving dolls or train tracks. Stories with images and bright colors will be of great benefit at this age.
To stimulate language, it is important to be in constant communication. One tip is to talk to them as an adult, trying to remove diminutives in everything they are told. You can accompany this process with DVD stories, toys with animal sounds, color videos, simple musical instruments (such as a toy piano, a xylophone, a drum or some percussion instrument), it will be excellent to stimulate them while they are being Sing some song.
For the development of fine motor skills, games are needed that promote work in this area, which allows them to grab, manipulate, throw, rotate, squeeze, press, aid in three-dimensional assimilation, stimulating hand eye coordination.
Babies are in the process of learning crawling, musical mats are a good option to stimulate them, a very colorful and sound mat, will promote displacement and constant movement, allowing them to strengthen their legs and hips to stay for longer in crawling position.
Games where boxes are opened or compartments are closed, allow them to develop their creativity and understanding of the reason for things,

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