The best games for children from 2 to 3 years old.

Posted on08/07/2018 1598

From two years to three years, is a stage where they seek to increase their autonomy, their psychomotor skills and ability to socialize all the information or education that is sent to them, is better assimilated through the game.

The two-year-olds are eager to explore being more and more independent, showing new skills to do things, the idea is to be able to provide the right tools and games appropriate to their age to potentiate abilities.

This cover is essential to strengthen physical, cognitive, social and language development, for this you need to develop activities focused on it.

To promote fine motor skills, manipulative toys should be obtained that help you control and manage the movement of your fingers and hands together. Stacking, fitting, arming, playing with grains, stones, even peeling a hard boiled egg will be fun and a great help to strengthen this area.

For social understanding, toys that have characters, drawings to recognize people from the environment, memorizing their names, identifying them in a characteristic way, lotteries are effective for concentration, memory and analytical skills are important. This type of games with characters can be accompanied with the relationship of the city where you live, characteristics of your home, family, etc.

The spontaneous game is ideal for the cognitive and emotional development of the child, this will develop their creativity, leading them to understand how things work, the game at this age allows the psychic maturation that leads to understanding, adaptation, understanding of reality and assimilation enviroment. Helps to acquire social skills early, preparing him for his adult life, fosters exploratory behavior in the different fields of action.

It should not be interrupted in the game, since this stops its outcome that always has a purpose and objective for them, although it is difficult for the adult to understand it.

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