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The most anticipated moment arrived, which motivates you to continue and fills your days of great happiness: The birth of your little angel! And although joy invades you, you must keep in mind all the care children need in the first months of life. At birth your babies have little control over your head, the muscles of your neck are still very weak, it will soon become stronger, but you must have a lot of patience in this first stage.

Having the necessary care to load it will give you greater security while your muscles are strengthened; so when you hold it in your arms, support your head on your shoulders with your hand on the baby's neck, this will help you as an exercise to strengthen your head keeping it firmer, like your neck and spine. Also place it on your lap with your little shoulder against you, which little by little will learn to have better balance.

Putting it upside down will cause the baby to raise its head, strengthening the muscles of the spine, chest, shoulders, achieving a little more balance and control in its neck, it is good to have it in different parts of the house, in addition to exercising will expand the knowledge of your space and environment.

It is important dad, that in this process you have elements that help care for your newborn, when you go for a walk and you need to take it in the car or stroller, it is necessary to have accessories that ensure adequate protection and support from her body. The reducer of janabebe, is the best for your little one, will avoid injuries and will guarantee the muscular care of your baby. Universal reducer for baby carriers and trolleys, is created for the comfort of your babies and tranquility for you as parents that your little angels will be safe and protected.

It is ideal for car seats, strollers and trolleys, and the best thing is that it fits the size of the baby, its materials in natural cotton and breathable and hypoallergenic, it will avoid the irritations and allergies of your little one, it will give you comfort, comfort and the best , greater protection.

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