Technology and children

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Technology has come to help us in many ways as a way to make life much more practical, but the unfortunate thing is, what in recent years has been unleashing in children and is that every day the electronic devices used by parents, children love them and use them. But what causes and effects does this have on our children? Can it hurt or is it beneficial for their development?

Taking into account the functionality of mobile phones and all technology, many times we think that nothing can happen, but according to studies this is affecting alarmingly the smallest, causing addiction and dependence on technology from a very young age, replacing important activities for its integral development by spending hours in front of a screen, which in excess generates variations in their learning, concentration and interpersonal relationships, little by little they have lost the grace towards the exploration of new places and the excitement of meeting new friends, becoming very boring if you are not accompanied by a cell phone.

Habits that are generated at home often contribute to the children acquire the same habits of parents, not sharing with their children to be reviewing social networks away from a real communication, while they want attention, is usually indifferent in response to these reactions, making or encouraging children to relate little, be more introverted and prefer to be alone in front of a screen.

Added to this, most of the time we have the only option, to calm the children or keep them quiet with the Tablet or cell phone, limiting them to express their emotions correctly, seeking to fill emotional feelings and voids with technological spaces that drives them to rely more and more on technology.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends and alerts parents so that children are not more than two hours with the iPod or the Smartphone in the day, much less those under two years, explain that, when moving a key is only using the thumb and forefinger, allowing children to use it for a long time every day, achieve poor development in the muscles of the hands, presenting difficulties later to write or perform some manual activity.

It is necessary to be clear that children can be part of the technology as long as it is moderate, according to age and with adult supervision, since the risks before social networks and the misuse of the internet are higher each day.

Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem

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