Snot in babies and practical solutions

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It is normal for the baby to catch a cold when there are related symptoms, including snot in babies, which tend to be very bothersome.

Children are much more likely to catch cold because of more care, according to pediatricians, this happens because viral infections enter through the nose, climatic changes and the vulnerability of children to these infections are higher.

Babies do not know how to breathe through their mouth, which makes them have difficulty breathing due to nasal congestion, to help the baby with these respiratory crises, there are tools that parents can use as a decongestant.

One of them is the physiological serum, by means of nasal washes it helps to expel the mucus that is retained in an easy way, making the little one breathe better, which is recommended the continuity of this process to alleviate the discomfort in the child.

Then you can sit the baby or lie face down so you can expel the mucus easily, in the same way you must do the same procedure for the application in the other pit.

The recommended amount to apply in each pit is 1.0 to 1.5 ml of saline, when they are babies. It is recommended that the serum be at room temperature.

This procedure can be done as many times as required, as it does not generate any type of contraindication or affectation.

The use of nasal aspirators is not recommended since, according to the pediatricians, these devices bring problems in the ears, causing otitis, since, when suctioning, the mucus enters the channel that is in the middle of the ear and throat, called the tube. of Eustaquio, bringing complications and obstructing this access road.

Steam baths are a great means also to soften the mucus or prevent it from hardening, vaporizations are a good means of recovery, and expulsion.

It is important to keep the baby hydrated with fluids, as they will help the mucus flow and circulate. Breast milk is also very helpful, the heat of the breast causes the baby to sweat and the mucus to come out.

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