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When talking about weaning, it can be assimilated as a radical way to remove breast milk, but respectful weaning is based on respecting the baby's times, nutritional and emotional needs, as well as that of the mother's body.
Weaning is a stage that is generated by the natural transition of children to the physical need to resort to other foods, until little by little they achieve complete weaning.
The American Academy of Pediatrics, together with the World Health Organization (WHO), recommends breast milk as the only source of food during the first 6 months, and from 6 months to 2 years that is complementary, this only if the child You want to continue breastfeeding.
When weaning is reached, the changes presented are not only feeding, but also generate emotional changes that have a significant impact on the baby and the mother, since in the case of the baby, you may feel a sense of abandonment to receive something elementary that is his food, (this when a good process is not done) and on the side of the mother, guilt and feeling of loss can be manifested for stopping breastfeeding. That is why it is better for weaning to be carried out gradually and above all respecting the baby's times.

When the baby manages to eat 2 meals a day, with 3 to 4 shots of milk may be enough. Keep in mind, that not offering breastfeeding to the baby is not the same as stopping the baby, if he asks you have to supply him, but if possible, the breast should not be offered. This process is based on doing it little by little and with a lot of patience.
If the chest is congested, it is better to pump milk to avoid a mastitis, so little by little it will be produced less, it should not be completely extracted because it will cause more milk to be produced.
In case the baby becomes ill, it is very possible that he wants to resort again to the breast as a means of refuge, so it is better to take it easy and breastfeed again, so that when he feels better, the weaning procedure is resumed.
This is a great change for them, so that you should avoid making it along with other important changes, such as when entering the nursery or having a new brother.

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