Read, a habit that should be instilled from the cradle

Posted on10/31/2018 4043

Reading is a great stimulus for children, through it grows imagination, intelligence and helps to increase verbal capacity.

This good habit should be instilled from the cradle, and as much as possible it should be persistent in order to develop the habit in the little ones, giving them the possibility of acquiring new knowledge every day.

Reading is a medium that makes it possible to have a better verbal expression and greater concentration, each new story that they learn and listen to, will help to retain information by increasing their attention.

The reading should be worked at home according to age, first being heard with stories from pregnancy, then when they are born, continue with the same routine trying that these readings are always made at the same time.

When they are able to sit down, they can be shown the stories with large images that have the text below, so that each time they are told the story they can be shown the image and relate what they see with the who listen and in turn visualize the letters with the texts written in the story. As babies begin to speak more fluently, they will be able to tell and tell the stories they have heard so much in the way they have understood it.

When they learn to read, they should continue with the same routine with stories and stories that are accompanied by images, but with a little more text.

The reading should be implemented as a time of fun, not waiting for them to enter the school, but this interaction with the books is done much earlier so that it does not become an obligation and so when they start their studies it is more easy to get used to school processes.

Leaving a book within the reach of children will help them to have a greater interest in reading and to know what is their content, the moment when they analyze and see the book without any help, will further strengthen their learning and the habit of reading .

The example is a fundamental part in the learning of the children, what they see they want to imitate always, if their parents or caregivers have a good reading habit surely they will want to do the same.

Reading will be a great opportunity to share with the family, strengthen an emotional bond and increase the children's abilities.

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