Rabies as a means of emotional self-regulation

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Anger can be classified as an emotion generated by the frustration of not achieving what is wanted immediately and it is not easy for the child to gain control over himself, since he is still learning to recognize his emotions. Not all children have the same tantrum when faced with the same situation, but when it occurs, it should be taught to channel it and focus it.
Rabies begins internally, presenting an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, manifesting with external impulses, screams, gestures, etc. Anger manifests itself in the face of a need that is expressed physically and psychically, which, by allowing it to flow, helps regulate other emotional states, being a somewhat healthy reaction that is part of children's development, inhibiting it. , leads them to save what they feel without having the opportunity to explore means of emotional self-regulation and understand the limits of their anger, this feeling, allows the child to develop much better in their environment. If your child starts a tantrum let him express it, just watch it and take care of it so he won't hurt himself.
How can I help you?
-Firstly, be very calm: Parents should be an example of self-control and calm, we can not tell children to calm down, screaming or shaking them, this is only an act that will lead to despair and cause more irritability in them . In order for children to manage anger, they must see in us an example of control in times of stress, and in moments of anger of children, show them how to act.
-Take them to recognize why they acted in rage: It is necessary to wait for them to calm down in order to talk about what happened and reflect on their attitude, ask them, why they reacted that way, what they felt and why they were upset, they should be informed that it is normal to feel that way, but that there are attitudes that are not right and that there are other ways in which they can express themselves.

Motivate them constantly to act positively and through dialogue. If a tantrum is repeated again, take your time to explain that this is not the right way to react and that you can act differently at another time.

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