Pregnancy in winter

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Spending part of the pregnancy during the winter is something that will happen, since the nine months of gestation partly cover the different seasons of the year, the advantages of modern mothers is that they can already plan at what time of the year they would like to get pregnant, some Mothers flee the heat at all costs trying to spend the last months of pregnancy in the winter season, bringing some advantages and benefits.

With the cold the mother will have less feeling of heaviness, achieving less fluid retention, something that pregnant women suffer a lot in hot times, due to the high temperatures there is the possibility of having dehydration, which leads to being constantly drinking water, This causes fluid to be retained and swelling appears on the feet, legs, hands or body.

Although winter does not guarantee that there is no fluid retention in its entirety because this also happens due to hormonal changes that the pregnant woman presents, in the winter there is greater ease of lymphatic drainage decreasing the retention of liquids and therefore the swelling.

Performing exercise in winter is one of the advantages, it is clear that future mothers seek to keep fit to control their weight, in this winter season you should not worry about the excessive sweating that exercise brings in the summer, the cold will allow you to exercise Without generating lipotimias (Loss of consciousness), which occur when there is excess heat, there is a greater chance of exercising in winter, managing to have the weight under control, without suffering the high temperatures of summer that brings swelling, dehydration, fatigue and exhaustion .

Spending pregnancy in winter also allows you to better fall asleep, the discomfort of pregnancy coupled with high heat temperatures, makes you can not sleep deeply waking constantly. Winter will undoubtedly promote rest throughout the night.

Although it is possible that in winter the future mothers usually catch a cold easily, it can be remedied by having a healthy and balanced diet, consuming a lot of iron helps the body generate defenses avoiding the onset of anemia.

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