Do not know what to take on vacation with a baby?

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In this time, children tend to be more sensitive to the sun's rays and therefore to ultraviolet radiation.

The protection against exposure becomes necessary and even mandatory for the care of ultra violet radiation A and B, the sun produces redness and a tan on the skin of people to sun exposure resulting in increased synthesis of melanin .

The Spanish Association of Primary Care Pediatrics always recommends the use of protective photo from small to 18 years to reduce the risk of skin disease.

When babies are born they lack a strong defense system of the skin, this is where the care of the sun for them must be thorough and constant during the first year of life, although applying sunscreens in babies under 6 months is not recommended anymore that its components can cause skin allergies, it is better to use items such as a hat, glasses or use sunscreen with a physical filter that are not irritating, but likewise sun exposure should not be prolonged.

At 3 years the total protection should be paramount avoiding the direct sun from 11 to 17 hours, giving use to the protector every two hours. In the summer so the sun is not very strong the ultra violet rays will continue to do their work so it is always important to apply protective creams.

Parents should be alert to the indications given by the pediatrician to avoid burns and dehydration, so always carry liquid is important for the body and for resistance to strong heat waves presented at this time of year.

The exhaustion due to heat and sweat that appears can cause different symptoms such as intense thirst, general malaise, weakness, dizziness, headache, so you should always keep hydrated by drinking water constantly, avoiding sugary drinks as these increase the loss of liquid in the body, as well as very cold drinks, these are best taken at room temperature while body heat is decreasing.

The activities carried out in the summer when it is exposed to the beach should be in short times and with periods of rest to avoid skin burns, the control of hours of sun exposure, must be strict to avoid injuries, it is better to try to play in the shade use umbrellas or be in cool spaces, under trees or spaces where the sun's rays do not fall directly.

Those older than 1 year can use protectors, protectors with high factor less in the skin of the face, there should be applied something less strong, this protector should be water resistant, applying every two hours, the recommendation is to apply these Protectors half an hour before going out in the sun for its timely absorption.

A protector for the lips of babies and children will be very appropriate because this part of the face can also be hurt by the sun's rays.

Clothing is essential so that the child can be fresh and have a good perspiration, it is advisable that they are made of cotton and avoid extreme sweating.

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