Positive phrases that will strengthen your child's self-esteem

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Positive parenting is a tool that involves educating children with respect and empathy, motivating them to be better every day, uniting coherence with discipline, always managing calm and having assertive communication. Communication is the way to establish a positive and harmonious relationship with our children, where they can always feel supported and their self-esteem is strengthened every day.
Our words have power and these emitted words generate great credibility in them of what they are and can become, so the importance of thinking very carefully about what is going to be said at the time of a scolding or when they leave to discipline
Today we will give you some positive words that promote good self-esteem and self-confidence in children.
One you can do: It is key to give them confidence, knowing that their parents trust them, gives them the security that they can overcome any adversity.
I am very proud of you: It is showing your child that every thing he does in a positive way makes him proud, that his actions generate motivation and joy for his parents, that the things he does well, he does not do to win the approval of others, but because he really is a sensational, creative and very intelligent child.
You are doing very well: A phrase that can be used when you are doing some action or activity and if you have a hard time doing it, you are encouraged to know that you are on the right track, this will motivate you to continue executing your action in the best way. So if you said this word before, you are doing very well too!
I trust you: it is a word that will definitely make you feel very safe, knowing that there are people who trust and believe in it, will give you strength to continue even in the midst of adversity.
You deserve the best: You will make him feel loved, special and valued, surely if you repeat it daily he will believe it so much, that he will learn to love himself more and more and when he is an adult, he will find a way to fight for what he deserves until he obtains it. Small but significant phrases that will make him, a child not only emotionally stable, but in the future, an adult with projection and self-love.
You can always count on me: As parents we will always be for our children, but they need to listen to it, knowing that they unconditionally count on us, despite their failures or mistakes, having their parents as unconditional beings, will promote their security and self-esteem, so whenever you can, tell your child, count on me!
I understand you: It makes our children see that they are understood without judgment, that they are accepted as they are and that every decision they make, even if we do not agree, we will understand their position of why they wanted to do it, even if it was not the best decision. Knowing that we understand them will motivate them to try again and to know that they have understanding parents who are willing to guide and understand them, thus creating a relationship of trust for life.
The best thing that could happen to me is that you are my son: Nothing more beautiful than this phrase for them, feeling loved and protected despite their weaknesses, showing them that their virtues are more important than their defects, it will develop in them an emotional stability . They will be much happier.
By practicing these phrases daily, you will see that your children's behavior will be much better. When they don't behave very well, always use positive words that encourage them to have a change, but most importantly, to feel loved, safe and with a very good self-esteem.

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