Parenting guidelines. What they are and how to establish them properly

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The upbringing is part of the process of the development of the children, it helps to face the different difficulties of the environment that appear, to recognize themselves and to have tools to be more and more autonomous and with capacities to face life.

These parenting guidelines are not established by any recipe book, these are defined with agreements that the parents make, based on a planning of the arrival of the children at home, the ideal is that they are harmoniously and naturally encouraged and that they are applied in spaces that potentiate their development in an integral way.
These guidelines are usually learned by the parents of the parents, repeated from generation to generation, trying to be modifiable under their own concepts or many times they are usually applied without any modification, in this way the behaviors, attitudes and hobbies are usually transmitted Even behaviors that are believed to be adequate are, but are not. The demands of the context in which children operate also have a high influence.

For these parenting guidelines to be in accordance with the needs of the little ones, it is necessary to take into account the following:
The importance of teamwork: teamwork between father and mother is essential during the upbringing, that there are no contradictions in the orders generated at home, nor any type of disavowal of the father or mother. Planning or preparing some scripts regarding the upbringing of what is allowed and not, about the values ​​that will be transmitted to them, allows giving greater responsibility, firmness and effectiveness to the processes that will accompany the training.

Family Support: The support that must be generated in the parenting guidelines, must not only depend on the father and mother, but on the environment in which the children operate, involve family members, such as grandparents and uncles to avoid disavowing an order or changing established habits at home, also avoid behaviors that can lead to the child confusing actions, being clear about the respect for each other, since the criticism of family members against the teachings of parents does not help, but weakens work parental.

Authorities: The parents within the upbringing must exercise a firm but affective authority, in order to promote the confidence and autonomy that lead to the development of a healthy personality, first of all understanding the role that each one occupies within the family. , the child must understand that there are authorities that exercise on him, under the respect, tolerance and love.

The relationship of parents with their children should not be friends, as this will only confuse the child and will not understand what is the difference between parents and children, it will lose authority based on the corrections given. This does not mean that you should not have a relationship of trust and closeness, of course, it is just not leading the child to confuse the roles that parents play as authorities. Parenting guidelines should be the product of reflection, flexibility and understanding of the different behaviors that children have according to their stages.

If parents assume their task firmly and responsibly, the response of the little ones will be as expected, this based on the example they receive from their parents in behavior and actions, where values ​​and norms are implemented facilitating adequate social development and Relational of children, influencing their character and personal training.

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