My son scream, What can I do?

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Some children have the habit of communicating in a high tone of voice, which leads parents to assume if the reasons are caused by auditory problems or difficulties in their language. But this can have several causes.
Age may be the main reason, this being the most important since, according to studies from 0 to 6 years old, children have difficulty modulating the tone of their voice due to age, the exaltation in the face of the different emotional changes they present constantly entails to the bad temper and to shout in a disjointed way, this in order to make known in some way what they feel and the way they interpret their feelings.
The second cause may be due to the fact that the adults with whom the children live, handle a constant high tone of voice, the calls of attention to all lungs, the expressions of the parents when wanting order at home, lead to emotional stress that causes that the voice is raised, if this occurs, it must be thought that children will always want to imitate the behaviors of parents, their actions, hobbies, habits are formed from home.
If at home the music is very loud or television, it forces children to strive to be heard, shaping their behavior little by little, forming inappropriate habits and communicative expressions based on their need for attention, leading them to assimilate that shout or lift The voice is the only way to be heard and to have the attention of those who request it.
They can also speak in a loud voice, due to the emotional changes they face every day, including overwhelming emotions, such as fear, sadness and anger.
It is necessary to identify what has led children to take these habits and thus create a work plan that involves processes that generate behavioral changes, including breathing activities, expanding emotional vocabulary, emotion management, and exercises that allow adequate modulation of the tone of voice, this work must start from the patience of the parents to properly execute the procedures with accompaniments that allow to achieve the expected objectives.
Children should be projected to understand the circumstances where they are asked to be silent, assessing before asking if their age is appropriate to require them to behave in a way that they do not know how to do it, for example, if a child is two years old , it must be taken into account that they are in their stage of exploration and development of language, aspects that must be related before correcting them.
Parents should learn to modulate the voice, the calm tone of voice will be an example for them, giving children the opportunity to express themselves with the tranquility of feeling and knowing what they are going to do heard. Handling word shifts improves communication at home and will help them have respect when talking with others.
Calm in parents will be the means to improve the way children communicate, it may be a long-term process, but it must be continuous, being a work of parents and children.

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