My baby does not want to go or eat at the nursery

Posted on09/06/2018 1700

The Nursery and its First Days of Adaptation

The time of adaptation of the little ones in their daycare is not easy, neither for them nor much less for the parents since they feel that they are abandoning their children, they often show negative behaviors that can cause the child to back off or delay in your school adaptation.

At the emotional level for babies is not easy either, what they experience in those first days of school is something similar to a feeling of loss, which will diminish in the face of the good attitude of the parents.

It is not to leave them there suddenly, if not to prepare them and to involve them in activities that help the child to break away little by little and gain security when they are alone, tell them stories of how the children go to their school and they are very happy, it generates a great Adventure expectation and new knowledge that you will not want to miss.

In spite of this it is normal that their first days or weeks show rejection attitudes, which will be manifested through tantrums, crying, many times the sleep routine and eating habits will be affected, due to anxiety, fear to be in a different place to your home, some children are withdrawn and little share, others can be aggressive and bother about everything, what must be taken into account and never forget, is that this is normal and that nothing is being affected to the children, because it is part of the development, of their autonomy and independence.

Within this adaptive process a lot of understanding is needed in the parents, the idea is to transmit to the children, tranquility, confidence and security in the new place where they will be, if they notice that their parents are uneasy, they will automatically feel the same fear, the attitude of parents is fundamental and will define how long the adaptive crisis will be or if on the contrary it will be delayed and will not be so complicated.

During this period it is recommended that parents take them and pick them up, this will give them more confidence and it will be easier for them to get used to the change.

The farewell can not be prolonged for a long time, a hug and a kiss, accompanied with words like "have fun" I love you "are enough to leave them, so children are not given space to make a tantrum. The teacher must enter them without further delay, starting the activities that involve them in school routines.

The words that are expressed when leaving, must be firm and very enthusiastic, if the babies are crying you should never say to them: "do not cry or the mother gets angry", "it took me only a few minutes and I'm here" This type of unfulfilled words will increase the insecurity of the children before their school, losing credibility before them.

The parents must first of all have confidence in the work that the teachers will do, but there is security at all, the children will perceive it and the detachment will be much more difficult, one must have a good communication with the teachers to know the behavior of the children and as they have assumed their new stage.

Something that will favor the little ones to stay in the calmest place, is to take them with their favorite doll, a blanket, or something that they like a lot of their house, these elements will help them not to feel strange in the new place, to feel closer from home and as they relate better to their school, make new friends, they will stop depending on these things.

They should create a daily routine of assistance, with specific hours of entry and exit, if for some reason they want to let them sleep more or do not want to take them to the nursery, this will greatly reverse the adaptive process, causing them to take them back, it is much harder to stay.

You must have a lot of patience, cunning and perseverance, surely soon adapt.

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