My baby does not want to go in the stroller, what should I do?

Posted on01/21/2019 83353

There are very calm babies who can be without problem sitting in their stroller for a long time and without asking to be taken out of there, but there are other children who are bothered by the stroller and who cry when they are sitting in it, waiting for their parents pick them up immediately.

The cause of why the baby is having this discomfort must be analyzed, maybe on some occasion an accidental event happened that caused the baby to lose the taste of his stroller or he simply likes to be more in the arms of mom and dad. This type of behaviors tend to occur more for emotional needs that need to be addressed.

If the baby cries is because he may feel lonely and think that his parents will leave or leave, this being an unconscious state of the child, for this reason, patience is something that must be developed, understanding without despair.

If he is very spoiled and likes to be in his arms all the time, the idea is to start helping him to become more autonomous, give him more independence in the things he does, that he can manage alone, feeling that his mom and dad will be close by. of him, in the same way it is better that the parents self-evaluate the causes of the behavior for themselves to be able to give solution.

While you are getting familiar with the stroller, what is recommended is to begin to relate the baby little by little with the chair through games inside the house where dad and mom get involved.

You can talk to him so that he understands that going in the chair is fun and that his parents will always take care of him, he should not forget that words have a great effect on his behavior and that they can give him a lot of security.

After getting the baby to the chair, short trips must be made, placing the chair forward so you can see the environment and everything that happens, you must stop for periods of time to rest from the chair and then follow the travel.

Giving him a piece of bread or his favorite toy while he walks will give him peace of mind and keep him distracted.

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