My baby bites, is it normal?

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Babies explore everything with their hands and with their mouths and it is normal that from very young they want to take everything to their mouths, but around two years to three years old, children acquire a very usual habit that is biting, not with the intention to explore but to manifest repressed desires, feelings and emotions.

Some children bite for different reasons, some do it more out of frustration of being in a place they do not want, when they feel they invade their territory or because they want to protect something they consider their own and do not want to share.

This reaction is also manifested because in some moments they feel stressed, they feel that they do not leave or receive the same attention as other children, this maneuver will be used by them to attract the attention of caregivers, teachers and parents.

This type of behavior becomes more noticeable when they enter school or daycare, the change of environment creates more pressure on them to do activities and they do not know how to handle a situation feeling often paralyzed and frightened, biting is a way to externalize repressed feelings or simply take it as a defense weapon when they fear they will be harmed.

Biting can also be a reaction of curiosity to see what happens or what effect it produces, when they are energetic or very stimulated, it is frequent that they do it, it can be a reaction or mistaken expression of emotion and in turn of love.

A change of house, a new brother can increase this habit, for that reason the understanding in this process is vital to be able to help them effectively, being able to recognize the annoyance or the reason of this reaction, to be able to correct and focus the children to express their emotions Correctly.

Before this act should be explained that biting hurts and that is not done, the punishment is not effective in these cases because it will only make them rebels to not feel understood, it is better to always keep calm.

It is important to have constant vigilance when you are with other children, either at school or at home, as it is at that time, that you are guided to understand and have a better way of expressing the discomfort.

The prohibition of a behavior does not make small understand what is the appropriate reaction, should be given examples and explanations, these should be within the daily habits, show them how to relate, teaching them to hug, talk and express what they feel by means of communication, making them wait for turns and borrowing when they want to take something from someone, being nice with other children sharing games and toys, will help them to diminish aggressive reactions.

You should never respond with an equal action, biting a child who bites is not the best way to understand, violence and public scolding are not ways to change.

It is better to dialogue and teach with example always within the affective bond, with love so that they also give love.

Praise and congratulate them when they react correctly, they will reinforce their good behavior, making them more and more aware of their actions.

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Photo by Ryan Franco

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