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Music in babies has surprising effects on the human being when being listened to, but at the time of sleeping the music genre can be fundamental for a good or bad rest and more for babies.

In those moments where children can not fall asleep at night or wake up easily, music is ideal as a support for their rest, having the possibility of generating habits in them to make music part of their general activities.

It has been heard for a long time that classical music is the ideal to relax children and help them to rest better, since this maintains a rhythm of 60 units of time per minute that is in accordance with the heartbeat, being effective for the rest and also to perform tasks that have to do with concentration and creativity.

Here are involved waves that are directly related to the brain, such as alpha waves that are produced when babies are in a state of calm, or thetas that are activated during sleep or moments of creativity.

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Part of the benefits of music in the brain is when the release of dopamine occurs, which stimulates the subcortical circuit of the limbic system, which helps good behavior, cognition, learning and potentiates cognitive functions.

This means that, when using classical music in children as a method to sleep, it is also intervening as a stimulating method for integral development, benefiting them for their future with everything that has to do with learning and concentration.

Music is a tool that allows them to have an emotional balance, providing them with more peace of mind.

For this process some authors can be recommended, where according to experts, through their compositions, they bring greater benefits, such as Beethoven, Vivaldi and Mozart, which contain perfect songs for babies to sleep

The recommendations that can be given, for the use of music as a stimulating tool for rest and relaxation, is to prepare suitable environments before going to bed.

Putting music with soft lights, accompanied by a good massage before going to sleep will help you to relax and to conciliate with ease the dream. The music can be placed before they lie down as an announcement that it is time to go to bed to rest, these actions repetitively create a habit of sleep in the little ones, based on specific hours, so when they grow they will not have the need to call them to bed at all times, just placing the songs that were heard of babies, they will know that they must go to sleep.

Music is a conciliatory and physical regulating factor, which improves the oxygenation of the blood, it also manages to reduce the heart rate, relaxing them, making them leave aside what is happening around them, focusing only on what they are listening to, until achieving To fall asleep.

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