Let the baby cry?

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Many times we assume that if we hold our babies for too long we spoil them. Those who have not heard say "better not carry them so much because they get used to it", "let them cry so that they do not become so attached to you" and although these myths come from many years ago, it has been proven over time that they do not have any veracity

Newborns have a greater need to remain loaded in their arms since it is the safest way they have to adapt to their environment. This adaptation automatically as a “process of outbreeding” is based on the baby's dependence on its mother when it is born and on the need for constant physical contact, this being a fundamental part of the development of skills that allow it to promote its autonomy.

According to experts, letting babies cry for a long time can bring significant emotional disturbances. As a consequence, at a young age they may experience symptoms of anxiety, insecurity, mistrust or low self-esteem.

When a need expressed by the baby is ignored, a message of indifference is being sent to him, no matter what you feel or how you feel, he translates and internalizes it in this way. Repercussing in behaviors learned from seeking attention and being much more dependent on their parents.

What should I do when my baby cries?

1. Help him: this word is used because yes, for them it is an emergency request, "come help me", "I need you". See the story of a love and attend to its need.

2. Keep calm: as parents we should not despair, the crying of a baby can be quite distressing, but remember that he perceives our emotions and how we feel. If we have stress and anguish, these feelings will be transmitted to the baby, making it much more difficult to calm him.

3. Talk to him: Although they are small, this is what we tell them, he pronounces words with warm accents accompanied by gestures of love, joy, this contact allows the baby to get to know you much more and communication between the two is strengthened.

4. Do not let him cry for a long time: constant closeness is important and more in the first months, remember that the attachment process must be fundamental as a safe method to help children and as a sign that their parents will always be there before any thing that he requires.

5. Identify their emotional needs: Knowing what they ask of you is essential for managing child care to be effective.

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