Keys to promoting good learning in children at home

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It has not been easy for us parents to have to assume the role of educators at home, generating new habits and daily routines has been a challenge for everyone. We have had to use creativity and invent new strategies that help us exercise dynamism of teaching and discipline so that children meet all academic requirements.
Although we know that being part of this adventure brings us multiple learning and fosters values ​​like patience in us, it can be much more difficult to adapt when there is no clear teaching plan or order to guarantee adequate learning for our children.
For this reason, we want to give you some steps that you can take into account as methodologies and strategies that will allow the child to learn much more and create study habits:
• Adequate a place of study: A quiet place, without noise, good lighting and away from any distraction is essential for the child to gain greater concentration and to carry out his activities more effectively. This study place should have a large table and a chair with which you feel comfortable and allow you to have a correct posture. Keep in mind that the table must have everything the child needs to carry out his activities. Not having the tools on hand will cause you to get up out of your chair and lose focus.

• Teach the child to plan his activities: A correct organization will give him greater security, autonomy and independence. You can use an agenda or a poster with daily tasks and thus be clear about your responsibilities.

• Teach him the importance of taking notes: It will allow him to structure the ideas of a topic more easily, identifying and isolating the main concepts. It is an exercise that you can learn little by little, where you should always be invited to write what you consider most important and what requires the most memorization.

• Teach him to underline: This will develop synthesis skills that allow him to recognize and identify the main ideas of a text, going hand in hand with the previous point. Something that can facilitate this method is to use fluorescent colors, since each color transmits a different sensation and can favor the child's learning.

What does each color contribute?

Blue, is the color that the brain best memorizes, can be combined with red to mark the key words and the most specific words. Orange is a color that increases mood and creativity, green reduces anxiety due to its freshness aspect and yellow is the color that makes learning much easier, stimulates attention and also helps to memorize much easier.

Encourage a comprehensive reading: Taking the child not only to read a text, but also understand it, is essential for them to achieve a good learning, if you see that at some point they do not understand something, guide them and repeat the text to take out together the conclusion of the topic. If he doesn't understand a concept, help him use the internet to foster research interest and understanding of concepts.
Help him make summaries of the readings: This will allow him to order and synthesize the ideas of what has been read, fostering the ability to express what has been learned through writing.

If the child is studying, he should not be interrupted with a different activity. Doing so will distract and decrease consecutive periods of study time.

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