Infallible tricks to not lose patience with your children

Posted on12/22/2020 3238

Have you ever heard them say, calm down, don't lose your cool, you must have more patience? Of course we have heard it, but at times this can be very difficult and more if you have a stronger or impulsive temperament. The anxiety of wanting to see an immediate response to the order that has been given, definitely makes you lose your cool.

Why don't children obey the first time?

It is worth mentioning that many things that children do do not go at the same pace as an adult, they take a little more time to do things, to respond, to perform an action after being heard. Many times it can be due to manipulation, others to be contrary, because they are distracted or because something they are doing at the moment is being interrupted. This is where it is important to manage calm, patience and tolerance, obviously without becoming permissive.

How should I handle calm with children?

-The anticipation of situations: If you go somewhere by car and the children are not in a good mood, you should find a way to eliminate tension, bringing a game to entertain them, putting their favorite song can reduce stress and it will help you enjoy your trip.

-Focus on positive things and not negative actions. Correcting what they did wrong, but above all not letting those situations affect the day and family harmony.

-Mum and dad agree: Support in the couple is essential, understanding that you are not alone and that the two of you can make the right decisions to educate the little ones, will facilitate parenting.

-When the children do not obey, it is good the intervention of the couple, talk between the two to make the corrections and intervene immediately without disavowing the order that had been previously given. Here children will understand that parents are not manipulable and that both exercise control over them.

-Having spaces alone to rest, will be fundamental and comforting, it will eliminate stress to be able to continue with the parenting functions, here the partner's support intervenes again, since functions can be rotated to achieve individual rest times that will help clear the mind and be more calm.

-Have a calm family environment: many times the tension in children is a response to the environment and environment in which they operate. If there is noise, if the voice is raised a lot, if there is loud music, the children will not remain calm, they will seek to attract attention, they will be more restless and more disobedient. Having a calm environment, with soft music, where you speak in a low voice, will make them learn to remain in balance, to understand that, if they want something, they must communicate it with an appropriate tone of voice and so that they also understand that in their house is not yelled at, because it is what they have been taught.

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