Importance of scribbling and drawing in children, in its different stages

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Scribbling is a fantastic stage that allows the child to express their emotions and immediate feelings, even those who repress, these strokes can be a feature of your mood and what you want to discover in the middle of a blank space, making it Stripes without any sense, but that allows you to develop your creativity and greater confidence in yourself.

This first stage leads the child to experience in a natural way the drawing in the graphic space, leading him to develop his expressive function together with the obtaining of the representative sense, strokes that are not governed by any rule, but become the greatest feeling internal curiosity, that every day they leave a mark in their evolution as a child.

These lines are evolving and improving as it grows, from the first year until 2 years their strokes are stronger and marked, not having a constant coordination of their movement, making the strokes without any order, leaving the paper, phase which is represented as Uncontrolled Scribbles.

As the child grows and performs this activity with continuity, type the two years, the strokes are improving, passing to the Controlled Doodles phase, the realization of this activity allows that every time it takes more shape what it draws, discovering and understanding the visual control that is achieved on the strokes that he performs.

At 3 years of age the child starts the Phase of the Forms, wanting to describe images that he sees trying to mimic them graphically, as family, friends, objects in his environment describing them and saying the names of the objects or people they draw. So it is difficult to recognize the drawings, he is already making a graphic image in his mind about his closest environment, where little by little he will perfect his stroke.

At age 4, he moves to the Pre-Schematic Drawing stage, discovering comprehensible representations before his eyes, making longitudinal and circular lines that will improve over time, configuring an increasingly defined image.

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