Impact of surprise effect on children's brains

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There is nothing better than to give our little ones a surprise that makes them get out of the routine, the motivation and joy expressed in their faces fills us with happiness and satisfaction.
We know that routine is fundamental in the formation of habits, since it allows them to plan and organize their day-to-day life, helping them to previously know what they should do, these daily actions, strengthen their self-confidence as well as allow them to acquire knowledge for development of their autonomy.
Working the surprise effect is a positive method in learning at home, since the novelty usually captures the child's interest and allows him to get away from the usual, although the routines are positive, monotony can produce tiredness and mental fatigue, at introducing something unexpected into the routines, has a greater impact on learning and the emotional area.
It is there where we must put our imagination to work to create positive situations that surprise them, bringing out the best in ourselves for them.

How to use the surprise method in children:

- Change the way they see reality, for example, put a note on the table where there is a clue to find a package where something important is hidden and that you can follow step by step to find it, in this package there may be some incentive for good behavior at home or because of something that you excelled at.
- Motivate them to discover new things using observation and listening skills, which lead them to the curiosity to discover, this procedure develops cognitive flexibility, reasoning, self-control and handling of emotions.

- Get children's attention by motivating them to discover something that is hidden somewhere, this exercise makes the brain activate and generate questions about what they are about to discover.
- Ask her questions to stimulate her language and expression, take her to find answers to different situations to use and stimulate her mental abilities.
- Create surprise activities with words that generate curiosity and the emotion of having something you did not expect, these activities should be carried out with dynamism, joy. For example, guess! For your good behavior I will give you something that you are going to love ”give her some time to wonder what will it be? You can surprise her by filling her room with balloons, preparing her favorite cookies or doing something fun together.

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