If your son ignores you, read this!

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Sometimes it can take us a bit as parents to make our children obey the first, without needing to repeat so much what they have to do, again and again.

Many times these kinds of things happen because we are communicating incorrectly. We will give an example:
When you want your child to do something, but you give him several orders at the same time as, please pick up the toys, then brush your teeth, put on your pajamas and go to bed! Most likely, the child will do the first or last thing he heard according to the selective attention he has or according to what suits him best.

How should we communicate?
First, we must be concrete and precise when speaking, they must be told exactly in one word, it is time to brush your teeth!
You can also give him two options, such as, for example, it's time to brush your teeth, do you want to bathe them with this brush or with the blue one? Time is obeying you.
Being empathetic and firm, when giving the order it is necessary to look into his eyes and touch his hands, telling him what he has to do by reminding him how positive it is to do what you send him, an example would be, save your toys so that your room looks beautiful and tidy, (with motivational tone), will make the child aware that there are functions that must be performed because they bring positive benefits for him.
If it was time to sleep and you are entertained in something different, you must make him realize, is it time to sleep and are you still playing? We go together to store the toys I help you, but you must remember that this is not an hour to play but to go to sleep. Then with a firm voice, he is told, now if we go to sleep!

Have a specific time for each task you must do, to sleep, to brush your teeth, to do some manual activity, read a book, pick up toys and help organize your room, these habits can be infused even since they are babies, they will get used and the little ones will become much more independent.
Communicate in a gestural manner, Gestures and the movement of hands are very helpful for them to interpret when you can be angry or happy, so if you give an order for the first time, look at the gestural form as you communicate, if you smile and you speak to him in a pleasant tone, he will probably do it with pleasure and possibly understand that obeying can be something fun.

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