How to teach children to recycle?

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Teaching our children to care for the environment is a responsibility we must have as parents. The motivation we have in carrying out this activity will make our children want to repeat it. Making recycling a habit, and lifestyle, is the challenge that each family must have.
After three years, children can learn to recycle waste at home. They should be taught how to select the garbage and where they should deposit it. Teaching our children from an early age will allow them to raise awareness from a young age, of caring for our planet.
The first thing is to teach them to separate waste into five groups; plastic, paper, glass, food waste and others such as toys or batteries. The teaching methodology should be practical, always based on the example, also explaining through games or dynamics that help children motivate them about recycling. Dynamics that include colors in order to familiarize them with the color of each dispenser assigned to dispose of garbage, for example:
• Blue, for paper and cardboard.
• Green for glass and crystals.
• Yellow for metal, aluminum and plastic containers.
• Gray, for the remains of food or organic matter, plants, soil, corks, fabrics, etc.
• There are other dispensers, to dispose of waste such as oils, batteries and broken toys.
Before throwing away containers or bags, let's think about whether these could have another function inside our house or can be used as craft material for our children. You can implement the method of the four Rs that are: reuse, recover, reduce and recycle.
• Recycle different materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic or bottles.
• Reuse containers and bags.
• Recover materials that can be used again.
• Reduce the amount of garbage.
We are at a defining moment where our planet needs commitment from everyone, where we must be more aware of their care. Every action for reuse and proper waste management will make our environment grateful. For this reason, you can also put your grain of sand with these actions:
• When buying products, take into account the reuse of their packings.
• Recycle grocery bags and reuse them.
• Recycle used paper and use it for printing.
• Take photocopies on both sides.

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