How to stimulate a 3 month old baby

Posted on05/21/2019 4450

The 3-month-old baby is in a transitional process, with constant changes at a physical, visual, language and cognitive level, which makes it necessary to carry out procedures that stimulate it in an integral way.
There are some activities that can be done at home as a means to stimulate it, even if you have very little time, you can implement these processes in a simple and practical way within daily life, bringing benefits that will last a lifetime.
At this age his perception has increased and his vision is increasingly fixed. It is recommended that you use objects, rattles of striking colors, with movements from left to right, making them sound.

Colored lights are a good tool to exercise the muscles of the baby's eye, of course these lights should not be so intense, much less fall directly into your eyes. These lights can be decorating, moving around the room, in the same way you can use a flashlight, to light a wall or ceiling, moving it from right to left, up or down, handling smooth movements that allow the child Observe while following each movement of the light.

Music is vital to sharpen hearing, work your memory and concentration. The soft melodies harmonize and reassure the child while he sleeps or does some activity.

Massages help to relax and stimulate the sense of touch, to feel the hands of mom or dad in your body, will give greater security and confidence, as well as stimulate your central nervous system.
Bringing your feet and hands to your mouth will stimulate your cognitive abilities that will lead you to recognize your body through touch.
To help the baby become familiar with the language and all its expressions requires dedication to talk to him constantly in each activity that is done at home with him, also, the emitting sounds, such as "brrrr", "guuurr", "mmm ", Will motivate you immediately to repeat them.
Every action that takes place within daily life must be accompanied by the expression and explanation of each thing. Allowing him to have an appreciation of the place where he is, colors, objects, with a pleasant, picturesque tone, exaggerating the modulation of words, so that it is more easily stored in his memory.
What is recommended for when these activities are carried out, is that the environment is quiet, without external noise, so that the baby is not distracted and can concentrate.

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