How to choose a baby stroller

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One of the first shopping options when you have a baby will always be the stroller. It is the most practical tool to move the baby safely to any place. The ideal stroller should be chosen, assessing the needs and the use that is going to be given, and thus, find the one that best suits what parents require.

For example, size is very important when determining the choice. If it is very large, there is a possibility that it may have difficulty handling it, to enter small doors and even to store it in the car. Ideally, make a standard-sized stroller that suits regularly frequented places.

Evaluate the weight will also be important at the time of choosing, since it depends on the ease to accommodate it in the car, on the bus, down stairs or to move it in the streets without problems, allowing easy mobility and control of the stroller.

For this, the resistance of the wheels and the structure must be taken into account, since this influences the car becoming heavier or lighter. For example, a light structure becomes heavy to the effort that must be made when going up a sidewalk, instead a heavy structure becomes light because of the suspension that lightens the effort made.

The size of the wheels is part of the good functionality and must be taken into account according to the land in which they will move. The big wheels are for all terrain and allow to descend or climb stairs with ease as well as the sidewalks, the small ones are more for city and for terrains with less difficulty when walking.

You need a stroller that rolls well, without any kind of noise, smooth and manageable.

Comfort for the baby is essential, as it is what will guarantee the comfort of your walk and enjoyment throughout its growth stages. Both the carrycot and the stroller should guarantee comfort.

If it is going to be used with newborns, the structure should be reclinable up to 180º, and verify that the mattress is soft so that it rests on the back, and that they contain breathable materials.

For newborns, it is advisable to use a reducer that offers support to the head, neck and body of the baby. That can protect at all times from the movements of the road.
If you want to use the stroller indefinitely, you can choose a chair that can be used until 2 or 3 years, so you do not have to buy another one later

Last but not least, checking the security systems is paramount. You must have a harness system at least five points to hold the baby, offer optimal stability, excellent brakes, that has a locking system on the wheels that It can be activated easily and has good cushioning.

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