How do you know when the baby is ready to take off the diaper?

Posted on03/08/2021 6660

As they grow, babies generate a greater sense of independence and autonomy, factors that must be taken into account to support the little one to face each change with courage and a lot of security.

It is common to try to find aids and methods that allow this learning process to be easier for the child, but it is important to generate good management to overcome this stage without fear, in a calm way, without consequences that affect delays or blockages in the child.

At what age should they leave the diaper?

This stage can start from 15 months, being considered as a natural maturation process where, through the child's behavior, it can be identified if she is ready to put down the diaper.

Three signals that the child will give to know when she can be taught:

-One of them is the discomfort that she begins to present when she gets dirty, looking for a way to remove the diaper in some way.

-The autonomy that he shows when carrying out daily activities, such as wanting to choose her clothes, taking them off or putting them on, eating alone, are signs that show that it is time to remove the diaper. If she does not meet all these independence factors, she can be encouraged with encouragement and motivation to do them.

-She will wet the diaper only every three to four hours. This means that your bladder muscles are holding out much longer because you are initiating toilet training. It is important that before teaching him to go to the bathroom you start talking about the subject, helping him to know the bathroom, to know the toilet, to teach him what is pee and what is to poop in the calmest way and without any stress or pressure.


-At the beginning it is difficult for the little ones, many times it can present blockages and when sitting down I can not do anything at all. They may also pee on their clothes or furniture, this often makes the child feel frustrated and embarrassed. That is why we must be kind and empathetic, talk to him with affection and never scold him, rather choose to find solutions that help make his process much easier. For example, use a super absorbent trainer cushion from Janabebé that, in addition to being reusable, can be used anywhere or in any piece of furniture in the house, helping to avoid accidents and giving the child greater safety in their learning process.

-To encourage going to the bathroom, it is recommended to place urinals in each room or place in the house, being a good way for him to become familiar, motivating him to sit down little by little so he does not do anything.

-Letting her accompany Mom and Dad to the bathroom will be a great learning stimulant, as she will want to repeat the action.

-Knowing the times when the diaper gets dirty is vital to be able to take it to the bathroom at specific times, making the process more assertive.

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