Fun facts about babies when they are in the womb.

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Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful processes that a woman can experience, those sensations during this process make the nine months of waiting a unique and unforgettable moment. And although we do not fully understand what is happening in there, it is known that while the baby is forming and growing there are some quite particular changes and events that you surely did not know and that we want to share with you next.

Uterus growth:

One of the things we know is that the mother's uterus grows with the baby. This can reach up to 500 times more than its normal size and although this may not apply to all mothers since all bodies are different, some uteruses have the possibility of expanding more than others, for this reason the abdomen of some mothers It may be larger than others during pregnancy.

Crying in babies:

Did you know that babies can cry inside the womb? According to some studies, after 26 weeks, babies have sporadic crying and cannot be heard due to the amount of amniotic fluid produced in pregnancy.


It is proven that the fetus as it develops is acquiring learning skills in different areas, which makes it more aware of its environment, understanding the information transmitted through words. The little ones begin to listen from 4 months of gestation.

Perceive Flavors:

Babies are able to perceive the flavors of the food that the mother eats, managing to savor them, this is possible through the fluid that the body produces when the mother feeds.

Babies dream:

According to research, it is stated that from 26 weeks of gestation babies start with the sleep and wake cycle, which means that they only stay awake for 20 minutes every hour. And at 28 weeks of gestation they go on to have deep sleep cycles, having eye movements like when they are in the REM phase.

Physiological needs:

Babies in their gestational process urinate inside the womb and do so more frequently as they progress in their development. According to the experts they assure that the amniotic fluid is produced by the baby's urine and that this urine is essential for its growth.

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