Food not recommended during pregnancy

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In pregnancy you need to have certain cares that make the pregnancy process as healthy as possible, as recommended by pediatricians is that within these care the feeding is essential, since this depends on the healthy development of the baby, as well as the general health of the mother.

Just as adequate nutrients must be obtained by means of foods that are fundamental, you must also remove from the menu those that are not beneficial.

The National Health Service (NHS) advises preparing food well before consuming it to avoid poisoning and a healthy pregnancy.

For this reason, the following recommendations are given.

• Eggs are one of the most consumed foods, the best thing in this case is that they eat when the whites and yolks are solid, avoiding raw or not very well cooked eggs.

• The meat must also be very well cooked, this will guarantee the elimination of bacteria, so it is best to check that red meats such as white meats are at their cooking point and do not show traces of blood.

• Wash hands thoroughly after preparing raw meat, as it can leave bacteria that can cause food poisoning. You should also let the soups boil very well and more if they are chicken.

In addition to the prevention of bacteria, it is necessary that in pregnancy certain foods are avoided only for safety reasons:

• Matured cheeses that contain mold, it is better to replace them with hard cheeses and cheese spreads.

• If you are going to eat fish, it is best not to eat more than two servings a week, like tuna. The swordfish or shark should be suppressed because of its high mercury content that can affect the nervous system of the baby.

• Raw seafood is also not recommended, they contain a high source of viruses and bacteria that can also cause food poisoning.

• Fruits and vegetables should be eaten in proportion only five times a day.

• Take only low-fat milk and low-fat yogurt.

It must be taken into account that vitamin D and iron help the baby and the mother to have strong bones, vitamins that can be supplied through food.

Although it may be difficult to get some foods off the daily menu, the intensification of prenatal care makes it definitely worthwhile.

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