First year: Adapted milk and feeding bottle

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The adapted milks are made with special processes to make it similar to breast milk from the nutritional to its flavor, which makes it suitable for helping the growth of children and their development. These milks must comply with “the standards of the European Pediatric Society of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (ESPEGHAN)”.
These milks can be taken from babies, but always according to the medical recommendation. As the baby grows, the doctor should check the weight and height so that, according to this and his age, he will indicate the feeding that he should continue, during the first year of the child's life.
When the baby cannot be supplied with breast milk, the doctor is the one who must indicate what type of milk to drink and the order of supply according to the ages, the supply is divided into 2 formulas that we will mention below:
Start Formula 1: This formula should be taken in a bottle and are suitable to meet the nutritional needs of children, during the four to six months of age.
Continuation Formula 2: It must also be taken in a bottle, this formula complies with a mixed feeding regimen, also used after 4 months or six months, being recommended in some cases to use them until 3 years of age.
It is important that some aspects of the child's growth process be taken into account to give him a good and proper diet. Here are some tips:
-Maternal milk is very important and necessary for the development of the baby, it is important to supply it at least until six months of age.
-If there are any problems to breastfeed the baby, the formula number 1 mentioned above must be provided, at least until the baby reaches six months.
-At the age of six months, the milk supply must be changed to formula number two and must be supplied according to medical recommendation.
-If the baby has started its complementary feeding, it is necessary to continue providing a 500-900 cc supply of milk, in the same way these amounts may vary according to the pediatrician's indications.
-At 4 months, you can try some fruits, less acidic, after 5 to six months, you can already eat chicken, from 6 to 7 months, veal, at 8 months fish and 9th tenth month, you can now start the consumption of the egg, taking into account that the food supply should be little by little, evaluating the assimilation capacity of the baby with each meal.
- Take into account all hygienic measures in the preparation of food and in the sterilization of pacifiers and bottles, at least during the first year of life.

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