Fear of Childbirth: symptoms, Causes & Treatment

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Pregnancy and childbirth are significant experiences in the lives of many women. Although this can be a joyful moment, it can also be a cause of depression and anxiety. Women are frequently concerned with the inevitable pain of childbirth as well as the risk of something going wrong. These are all common issues that nearly all pregnant women face to some extent. Next, we will talk about fear of childbirth: what is it?


I'm concerned about giving birth. Is this typical? 


You may be nervous or fearful of giving birth. This is very usual. Pregnancy and childbirth are significant life experiences but don't be too harsh on yourself if you experience these emotions.




It is uncommon, but some women are so terrified of giving birth that they refuse to do so, even though they desperately want the baby. A solid aversion to childbirth can also influence their decision about how to give birth to their infant. This is known as Tokophobia, and it can occur during any pregnancy. Some women develop it in their early twenties or even as teenagers.




While the most significant aspect is an extreme psychological fear of childbirth, it is not the only one. Many of the indications correlate with those of depressive illness and general anxiety disorders, and they can disrupt many facets of your life, from sleep to diet to overall mood.


The following symptoms characterize fear of childbirth:

  • Mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety.
  • Mood swings. 
  • Depression symptoms like nausea, body discomfort, reduced appetite or libido, and lack of interest in favorite hobbies.
  • Nightmares or insomnia.
  • Delaying or preventing conception despite a desire to have children.
  • Seeking a cesarean section (c-section) without a medical cause.



Reasons Women Are Terrified of Giving Birth 


-         Birth Perception 

We've always seen movies and television shows that feature a birth: a woman's water breaks, she screams in agony and finally pushes out a baby by cries, sweat, and tears. As a result, people are already inclined to believe that birth is a traumatic experience. And, once you get pregnant, it would be impossible to go out without hearing about how much suffering women or someone they love was in during long labor (notably, the first one).


-         Previous Loss or a Difficult Birth 

If something went wrong in the past, such as a miscarriage, stillbirth, or emergency C-section, it's understandable to be fearful of a future pregnancy and childbirth.


-         Complications in Pregnancy 

Being diagnosed with a condition will make pregnancy less exciting and increase the likelihood of something going wrong during the delivery process. These complications can be dangerous and cause problems during childbirth, but they don't have to be.


Do You Believe You Are Suffering from Fear of Childbirth? 

If you believe you fear childbirth and want to conquer it, here is what you can do.


-         Coping -- Create A Well-Being Plan

Start learning about how you feel and what kind of care you might need during and after your pregnancy. It will help if you communicate your feelings to your partner, family, friends, or gynecologist.


-         Therapeutic Intervention 

CBT, psychotherapy, and exposure therapy have also been beneficial in the treatment of phobias and other anxiety-related disorders.


-         Medicines 

You can also use medications to combat emotional dysregulation, anxiety, or other psychological conditions, either alone or in combination with therapeutic methods.



Although this is uncommon, fear of childbirth can have a significant effect on a woman's life. Additional support and therapy can alleviate women's anxieties around pregnancy and childbirth, allowing them to control complications and enjoy a stable pregnancy and pleasant birth experience.


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