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Posted on06/13/2019 3711

Summer has already arrived and along with it, family holiday plans, trips and long trips can be exhausting especially for babies, since many hours in their car seat can really tire them out. The idea is to follow some important recommendations so that the babies travel happy and the parents feel calm and satisfied. The first thing is to prepare the trip in advance to determine the advisable routes, taking into account the kilometers traveled to the destination and the number of stops. You should also choose the right days and times to have a good trip, determining the hours that best serve the journey that is going to be made. Leaving early can make the journey much more bearable, being easier to respect the schedules of sleep and food. If you travel very early in the morning and the baby is still asleep, the journey for him will be much shorter, plus traffic will be avoided and parents will also travel much more comfortable. It is advisable to make stops at least every two hours, since the long time inside a car seat is not recommended for the child's column, it is good to let it rest and change the environment, in the same way it is important to mark the stops according to to the needs of the baby and what he requires. The car seat must be taken into account for the trip, it must always be in the center of the back seat and in reverse, at least until 4 years of age, it must be ensured that the chair is in line with the height of the child duly fastened and in keeping with the safety of the child restraint system (SRI), this will guarantee its protection, in case of any incident. The temperature of the car must be taken care of, it is necessary to adjust it to the comfort of the travelers, especially the one of the small one, since it is usually more susceptible to the strong changes of climate, for that reason it is better not to shelter the child much, to wear clothes of cotton and light. It is better to protect car seats with Janabebe covers, which for their hypoallergenic materials and cotton, help to breathe better baby, isolating the heat produced by the chairs, taking care of the sweat. If it is cold, you can cover it with a cotton blanket over your car seat, but without overcoating.

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