Emotional changes in December

Posted on12/23/2019 3626

During the holidays, it is common to see in the children emotional changes and anger more than usual, this because of the stress generated by the demand that is given to children in front of how to be and not to be.

Put on these clothes, play with your cousins, say hello to your grandparents, sit well, do not run at home, put on these clothes that you look better, do not take off your Christmas hat, share your toys, sleep with your cousin etc. Constant demands that fill children with pressure, leading them to an extreme of emotional explosion and behavioral changes.
To avoid this change of emotions in the little ones we will give you some suggestions that will allow you to lower your anger on these December dates.
- Within the family traditions there are family gatherings that lead to stress overwhelming and overloading your children with responsibilities for fulfilling long hours that lead to an over expectation of how they should behave, what if you stop a little and try to make adaptations gradual that allow to go from what is already known to what is to be known.
- Maintaining the routines is very important, keep in mind that the most significant triggers of anger, is in that tension in children to produce hunger and sleep, if Christmas activities interfere with those routines, the most possible is that your child seeks The way to get your attention in some way, if what you want to do is that the children are calmer in these meetings, try to maintain the routines that you always handle and eat within the usual hours. If your child does not want to eat something from the Christmas plate, understand it, remember that this is not part of what they usually eat.
- Try to carry out intermediate activities to the planned meetings, which are more intimate, just you and your little ones, activities inside the house that stimulate communication and love, maybe on a warm sofa with a giant badger blanket of Jana baby , while watching a movie or reading a good book together, spaces at home with parents are a priority for any time of stress.
- It is important to respect the territoriality of your children, you must be subtle when asking the child to leave their comfort zone, keep in mind that children are calmer with activities they can predict, when they know what they will do during the day, they can generate a mental planning of how they will do it, the unforeseen things and situations during those dates will generate stress, those uncomfortable things that are often asked how to put on Christmas clothes or accessories that are not to their liking, are experiences that will cost them assimilate and integrate them within their predictability.

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